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  1. Not sure this even close...Bernard and Ridley Thanks for your response on mine
  2. UPDATE: This trade got even better I gave up: AJ Green and Larry Fitzgerald for Saquon Barkley and Jared Goff Only unfortunate thing is that the trade didn't go through for Goff's masterpiece last night. Oh well, we can't have it all!
  3. Yes take it and run. See if you can somehow get Yeldon for the handcuff. Thanks for your response on mine.
  4. TE is your weak spot. Get Kelce for one of your backs plus something else. You have a good team just some weird weeks so far. You’ll be fine. Thanks for answering mine.
  5. In your title, it says WHIR. Please hold up your end...
  6. Fitz and Carson for either of them, I think is fair. If he counters with another one of your backs (Freeman or Hyde) I'd ask for something else in return. Thanks for answering mine!
  7. Yes, not even close. You can stream a QB on bye weeks if needed. Those 3 are better than anyone involved in that trade. Take that and run.
  8. Due to the wasteland that is TE, I'd take this deal. Kelce may be the top TE this year and you're getting an equal piece in Zeke for Kamara (now that Ingram is back).
  9. IF the owner takes that laugh all the way to your championship. Kamara/Hunt no doubt here
  10. Edelman and White. Full PPR, you can't get much better than that...
  11. Here is the offer I just received: I get: Saquon & Goff for My: Aj Green & Ingram Here is my team: (I was a Jimmy G owner) 1.) 12 Team (.5 PPR) 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1Flex QB: Mayfield RB: Bell, Thompson, Miller, Ingram, Breida, Buck Allen WR: Green, Hill, Sanders, Fitzgerald, Stills, Boyd TE: Reed, McDonald D/ST: LAC K: Bryant Thoughts? WHIR, just leave your link