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  1. Im in a 24 team 1QB Dynasty, just got this offer: Give: Denzel Mims Get: a Second round(projected late) and Travis Fulgham Travis looks legit so far and a Second would help a Lot(I Just gave my Second to this same guy in another trade,so he is kind giving me back) But Im not sure I want to give Mims before I see what he can be and with the chances of Sunshine being jets QB next season
  2. O cara é brabo,com o Blake Jarwin fora da temporada,está cada vez mais aparente que é o alvo favorito do Dak,superando até o Amari Cooper em targets
  3. You guys should just admit that the only reason why there is talks about him being benched or Jaguars draft another QB next year is because he was drafted in the sixth round. Kid had almost the same numbers as Murray, stop judge people by their round
  4. I worry because he is playing as a slot,hits Will be way harder than the outside WRs get,kid Will be running around LBs,besides,If u compare him with a Guy in a similar role,Thill is 185lbs,I dont know If is the way KJ is built aswell,I dont think he have a Lot of mass on him,If he can bulk and keep the speed,It would be huge for him but...idk..look this picture,imagine Bosa/Hitchens/Littleton even touching this Guy..
  5. He is not a threat because KJ might be a clear bust,this kid is 5-9 and 175lb,the Last Guy that I Saw that slim was Travis Benjamin with 5'10 and 175 aswell,as someone that watched the Chargers,he would NEVER run a inside route,coaches pretty knew that TB couldnt handle a hit,KJ doesnt have NFL body,he need to put at least 27 lbs to not be break apart and we dont know how that could affect his speed,besides all of that,he didnt ran the 40 yard,so we have no Idea how much fast he truly is,a lot of red flags on him,wouldnt be surprise If he never makes It.
  6. I know its great to have an elite TE but,if u get the numbers,Its not the best decision to spend at least the first four rounds with them,showing a comparison in the standard nfl fantasy leagues the best TE was Travis Kelce with 157 points,that means in total points he is in the same level as the TOP12 WR Keenan Allen and thats because Kelce is an outstanding receiver,when u get in the TE2 the points already drop -14(huge difference),so Mark Andrews in points would be a TOP21 WR,with all this facts we need to analyze that the first rounds we need to construct a great base of RB's,at least one elite WR and a safe QB option,so,knowing that Travis and Mark will be drafted by someone in the first round(even we being conscious that this is not a great strategy) the rest of them(except Kittle and Waller) its just analyze the maximum u can of their chances to be significant and roll the dice, my strategy in deep leagues is getting guys like T.J Hockenson and Hurst and see which one can give me decent points while my RB's and WR lead the show
  7. Don't get me wrong,I am a big fan of Murray,he will be a franchise QB for the Cardinals and I know about his rushing habilities but talking about strict quarterback numbers,they were not that far away and the Teams records say the same,Jaguars 6-10 and Cards 5-10,I don't think u should put them in the same class but seeing all the talk of Murray being an TOP 5 pick in the fantasy drafts and Gardner being forgotten doesnt seem right.
  8. People are and will sleep about this kid,just for example,take Kyle Murray numbers,the QB that won ROY Minshew: 14 games,3,271 yds,21 TDS and 6 INTS Murray: 16 games,3,722,20 TDS and 12 INTS Gardner could realistically be the ROY with two more games and seeing Kyle hype being a first round fantasy pick and Gardner not even been quoted makes no sense,he doesnt need to prove anything to be Jaguars QB and seeing Foles trade just shows that the Jaguars front office trust the guy, forget about the memes and jokes,if you actually watch his tape u can see what Im talking about,mark my words,he will be a TOP 5 this season
  9. Thats my list with the underdogs: Bo Scarbrough: This kid came from nowhere to lead the Lions backfield in the last games, with 377 yards (4.2 YPC) he showed good moments in the 20th best OL in the league,Kerryon Johnson still didnt live for his hype, with a good 2018, bad 2019 and injury history,if the Lions doesnt pick a RB in the draft,Bo have big chances to be a steal John Ross: Yes, I'm still waiting for his breakout season and now with Burrow looks way more realistic, he is a deep threat for sure but Dalton couldnt find him(as he couldnt throw to anyone), its undeniable that he have a giant list of injuries but for me it's all about him being healthy, A.J is getting old and coming from an non playing season,Boyd is a very good WR and is sure getting his fair amount of targets but we can't forget Joe set the SEC record of single season passing yards, the kid can be a gunslinger and there is room for my guy Ross getting his pieces Jonnu Smith: As a titans fan,I love this kid,tall,fast and with soft hands,the perfect prototype for a TE,so...why he didnt had great seasons yet?, first reason is that Mariota couldnt throw a pass even if his life depended on it and Delanie shadow was always there, now thats not happening anymore, Tannehill is showing great level and can build chemistry in the off season Miami D#: Arguably the best CB duo in the NFL, they still add the veteran winner Van Noy,former first round Shaq Lawson that had a 6.5 sacks in 2019(for sure not the best but we can see that he is improving), another previous patriots Eric Rowe and they have from there Charles Harris still trying to live for his first round hype. Besides all this, they are loaded in the draft with 14 picks and will for sure still improve their defense. Even more, AFC East doesnt look scary at all, Jets had a bad off season and probably will be in the top of the nfl draft 2021, Patriots lost loved Brady and the other half of their team, for now Hoyer will be the QB and that looks like a tanking season, the Bills complete the list, they have an impressive defense but Josh Allen offense will still try to exceed expectations this year.
  10. The Guy is TOP 6 WR in PPR and someone is willing to drop him? I cant with this forum.
  11. I can see Ricky Seals Jones being relevant until Njoku come back
  12. 51 yards,2 TDs 15 att,around 17 points in many leagues and he is not RB1?,keeping selling him high while this beast keep giving me wins
  13. Jarvis Landry didnt put any outstanding game yet,buy low opportunity?
  14. Thats the boom or bust definition,great for Mahomes owners,but a mess with the Sammy,Mecole,DeMarcus mix.It kind give me a Calvin Ridley vibe