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  1. Last time I looked Saints are a 9.5 point home favorite. Lat could see some nice run this week against a bad run D. 10-12 touches with a few shots at hitting pay dirt would be nice.
  2. On pace for 12 TDs 1100+ total yards Throw in 2 or 3 big games this season (ATL, CINCY, AZ) then 14 TDs and 1400 total yards is doable.
  3. Need 25 points out of Michael Thomas and Phillip Lindsay. .5 PPR, 1 point for 1st downs.
  4. https://twitter.com/evansilva/status/1168374807735521280?s=20
  5. Henderson will for sure be active on Sundays. I believe he's going to be the hurry-up offense back and will mix in here and there in other offensive formations. But mainly in on shotgun formations. The good news is the Rams won't be trailing in too many games as I believe they are favored in most. But it will hurt Gurley in terms of catches for sure this year.
  6. He is still only 25 years old. He will still get every goal-line carry. They may not give him a massive load between the 20s to start the season but will ramp up as the season progresses. Which is fine. Keep him fresh for us fantasy owners week 10 and on.
  7. Please remember the Texans traded a 3rd round pick to acquire this guy. That is a high price to pay in this day and age where "running backs don't matter". Duke is going to get a huge opportunity to carry most of the load. If he falls flat then maybe they make changes down the line but no one is unseating him right off the bat IMO. When teams play the Texans they will be focusing on stopping Hopkins and containing Watson. I'd be surprised if Duke doesn't have a good to great season if health allows.
  8. The mets are playing Frazier right now in the hopes he does well enough to trade him. JD is the future.
  9. 3-3 with a pair of stolen bases last night. This dude is quietly beasting right now. Could be in for a big season if health allows.
  10. What does Tarik have in store for us this week? Im starting him over Ingram so I need a doozy.
  11. I'm here. I will face the music. It did take almost 75% of the fantasy regular season and a match up against Miami to be able to throw that back in my face though. Jones is a stud! Williams blows! You are all geniuses for calling Jones' breakout and now I'm eating some crow for being laughably wrong. There! I said it! Best of luck rest of the season guys.
  12. I have CMC, Kamara, Chubb, Cohen, Ingram and Kerryon Johnson. My QB is Wilson Im 7-2. Offer on the table is Luck and Leveon Bell for Cohen and Kerryon Johnson. Do I give up 2 decent RBs to a team who is on the fringe to try and make playoffs? Should I make the gamble for Leveon Bell? Or should I avoid the head ache with Bell and stick with what I got and not help another team potentially make the playoffs who I may have to play in the 1st round?
  13. Well, tonight will certainly be the true test if this guy is going to be rosterable moving forward. If he can't put up a solid game tonight they I don't think he can ever be trusted in your lineup again.
  14. Down 50. I have Alex Smith, Crowder and Kamara to play. Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!