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  1. Baseball is only 60 actually 🤣
  2. Yeah... because, you know... the Pats haven't changed a bit in the last half year or so.
  3. Dude was just dropped in my league for a warm body play tomorrow... Been waiting. Hoping a flash in the pan on waivers hits tomorrow so I can scoop him (no FAAB, I know...) easier. Literally thought this 30 minutes ago and whaddaya know I check again two min ago and it happened. Looking forward to him!
  4. I'm rolling him out too because I'd rather not drop early season stashes just yet. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Bears D isn't exactly a juggernaut. They won't be able to run for sure. So, high floor, potential shootout with the poor ATL D. 20 should be within reach in 4pt leagues.
  5. Huh? Dude got 23 carries last week. He's playing a soft run D as a high volume rusher/goal-line back... and they're favored to win. What's not to like? He's tough to sit unless you're absolutely stacked.
  6. This thread is pathetic. I get it... James Robinson looks good. Really good. Great even. And there's a lot of hype around him right now. But let's get real for a sec... the fact that this thread won't even have as many pages as JRob TDs by seasons end is a travesty 🤣
  7. Backwards in a sanitary sense but that's it.
  8. Anyone care to chip in with thoughts on this week?
  9. Can someone fill me in on the KB nickname? Kenny Ball-all-day? My best guess lol.
  10. Is there an RB with a more brutal schedule RoS?
  11. I'm seeing that too, and feeling the same way. I know Ryan and Co., Julio or no Julio, will be the best offense Chicago has played thus far. But it's hard for me to envision Ryan throwing up and down the field all day. And they're not going to be able to run either. Seems like a messy, frustrating short drive kind of game, esp if Julio is O.