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  1. One more needed and we can start the offline draft Now 14 team league
  2. Bump. Looks like LM has removed some categories from his above description - now standard 8 cat Provisional draft time is Sat 1 September 9pm EST, if everyone joins and pays before then
  3. I'm very sorry Dustin, I thought the draft time set (tonight) when I joined was the actual time of the draft. I can't make the voted on time [7pm Sunday 9 September EST]. I hope this 'bump' will help you find a new manager. I have sent you an email. Apologies for being a pain
  4. davehounz@gmail.com if there's any spots left
  5. Hi Anthony, I emailed you a couple of times about two guys wanting to join. They emailed me from another RW post. Did you get my emails? I'll leave their emails on the home page group chat
  6. Free league, 12 teams, 18 per team. 12 keepers. 8 cat H2H. Draft Fri 13 Oct 7pm. http://games.espn.com/fba/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=136966 I'm not LM but could email him if you're interested
  7. League settings not visible to public. I'd be interested if standard settings and not a points league davehounz@gmail.com
  8. davehounz@gmail.com. Please send invite if spots left