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  1. I pulled the trigger. Someone dropped Brendan Rodgers so that helps absorb Hiura.
  2. You also have k/9 with Ray though. He’s frustrating as a second half pitcher but a lot of those guys are on waivers in my ten teamer. Ray, Kikuchi, Giolito(is he finally here?), Gibson and Bassitt. I don’t believe in the others but who knows😆
  3. I think you have the right guys. Walker already came back to earth so maybe him. Who knows if Jeffress will get the job back. He’s number three right now. I like Carrasco but did you trade Felipe Vasquez and you only have Robles and Jeffress?
  4. He has a nagging injury but that power. I have Altuve coming back and also have Villar, Tim Anderson and Senzel up the middle. I know Khris is the best player. I don’t know what I have in Hiura but as a long time player I’m worried about Brantley’s health.
  5. I drafted him and am a miserable Mariners fan but would you guys start him against the champs after they got punked on OD?
  6. Sorry guys. I meant my droppable players for him would be those pitchers. Staff is Nola, Thor, Severino, Ray, Kikuchi, Stripling, Luchessi and Woodruff
  7. He’s a talent but I have a couple newbies in the league so they could drop back a better player. Droppable players for him are Woodruff, Stripling and Luchessi.
  8. I’m gonna hold onto him but injury muddies that a bit.
  9. I have a s---y first baseman cause nothing fell to me. I’m thinking Hampson and McMahon will split time. Goodrum or McMahon?
  10. I could cut Bauer. You could pick a supplemental pick at beginning of draft.