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  1. Hilton. Sony hasn't done enough to start in lineups in my opinion especially against Bills.
  2. Not crazy about either matchup but go with Gurley. I would hope he can get one big run at some point or a goaline score. Go with Henry since Higbee and Everett will split.
  3. Parker. Edelman is not 100% healthy, Pats O is not reliable. Fitz loves Parker. MIA lets it all go.
  4. Hyde - he's their #1. If he plays, he's healthy enough to put up decent numbers.
  5. I dropped Jets D and picked up Colts D. Only thing concerning me with playing Colts D is going against CMc.
  6. As tempting as Winston is, Mahomes! More reliable! Also, Adams, Julio, and Lockett. Tough choices though! Thanks for help with mine.
  7. Yeah I guess Amendola would be an option too, though I feel if Chark plays, he'd have the better numbers against ATL compared to Amendola going against DEN. This is assuming he would stay healthy. Hopefully Saturday gives you some clarity, because Boone would be best of course.
  8. Myers - Think I'd rather have a better chance with xps than stalled drives and no points, though DEN should win against DET. But I also see SEA winning big so there will be some FGs and XPs.
  9. My only thing I'm thinking of changing may be your flex because boone isn't technically the starter yet right though it's trending that way since the others haven't practiced yet. Do you have someone you can put in should he not start since that's Mon night? I'd say possibly Chark instead of Boone but I'm not sure he's completely healthy, though I can see him pushing to play.
  10. I like what you were thinking as hard as it is to bench Gordon.
  11. My starting lineup: Murray Jones, Ekeler Moore, Perriman Kittle Flex: Robinson D/ST: Bills (I also have Jets) So my 2 questions: 1. Did I get my lineup right? (Not sure about Gurley on my bench, also have JuJu, Michel, and E. Sanders) AND... 2. Do I use one of those D/ST or pick up Colts from FA? Leave a link for me to help you.