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  1. Can't believe I fell for this guy two years in a row. Feels good man, feels good. Moral of the story, when a team says they're not going to re-sign a healthy 'star' player, dnd.
  2. Check out his back half of season game stats last year.
  3. Does your opponent have Edmonds?
  4. Bell isnt coming in to ride the bench. The Chiefs have no doubt made playing time assurances to him. This is going to be a souped up version of Williams and mccoy from last year. Still useful, but nowhere near 1st round pick value.
  5. Ugh Lions running backs.... Bell is only going to be there for this year probably. Think I'd still want CEH.
  6. I think Bell to Miami would be best for fantasy. I think he could potentially be a monster there. In KC, I just see a souped up version of Running Back roulette we saw last year with WIliams and Mccoy. That would not be fun.
  7. I didn't watch the game last week, but the games I have watched this season, Robinson has looked like their best offensive player. And it hasn't really been close in my eyes. Based off that, I am not worried. But again, I did not see last week's game. Should I be worried?
  8. I was actually kind of impressed with his point total considering the amount of time he was on the field.
  9. The back half of last year, he was must watch TV.
  10. You win this deal big. Bell was barely playable on NYJ. He could potentially be a monster on another team. Mattison is a one week rental and Kelley is bench fodder.
  11. This dude just looks different. Super twitchy, explosive for his size.
  12. I love the guy. I want him to be a stud. I think he is a stud. Honest opinion watching this game though, only two runs looked like he had juice to me. All the others looked like he was running in mud.
  13. Yes. And speed. Which is why I said he made Gilmore look like a child and I don't think there's a DB in the league that can handle him one on one.