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  1. Kamara and David Johnson been goin to the same massage therapist smh....
  2. Yes, I would do that trade. I think it makes your team better straight up, but I also have serious concerns about Bell and Andrews rest of season. Thanks for the help.
  3. 12 team PPR league. Would you trade Chris Carson and Juju to receive Davante Adams? WHIR
  4. 34 from Zeke and Engram combined in a ppr league.
  5. Don't really care about his questionable tag. Might be better off playing somebody like Stills anyway.
  6. Anybody know how bad the kerryon injury is?
  7. He had a great ypc on 118 attempts last year. What the hell happened?
  8. Do you prefer Sutton or Gallup rest of season?
  9. Is this a 2 qb league? I'd much rather have Winston than Cam.
  10. I was gonna say handcuff Penny if you grab Carson. Since you already have him locked up, I say make the trade.
  11. To add to the discussion, fantasypros actually considers Sutton's rest of season schedule as the 5th most difficult.
  12. Thanks for the help. I like Carson a lot. I would say go for it except you're leaving yourself extremely weak at wr in a ppr league. That's really tough. Any way you could make a deal without including Sutton?