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  1. Wait and see what actully happens. in my league I am 1.5 games behind playoff pic and playoffs star t next week so it would depends on this week... it best if everyone gets money back since season didn’t finish. If this was playoffs it’s different story. Since playoffs didn’t start returning money would be best
  2. Who do you pick up ? For streamer glen Robinson ?
  3. Worth pick up ? Thinking of dropping Bryant or WCJ
  4. I am really considering dropping this guy minutes are there but the production is not there ...
  5. I would tell you to grab Holmes ASAP !!
  6. I am seriously considering dropping him and WCJ what are this number ??? playoff starting 22 week so one more week but damn
  7. Hello i am 2nd in my league 12/9 cat H2H i have PG/SG Beal/Heild/Sexton/Payton SF Butler/Ingram/warren/Covington/Beasly/ Bridges/crowder/c Johnson PF/C WCJ/M Robinson/Bryant IL B Brown Who should I drop ? i was thinking crowded or Johnson , I want to see how Bruce plays before I bring him out I am not sure if I can win Reb and blocks but Want to win FG/3s/points/Reb/ast/STL
  8. Worth grabbing ? LMA how long his out ?
  9. What are the chance he could be shutdown or rested ? they not winning. I have him in 2 leagues atm both in playoffs picture
  10. I think his solid add in playoffs he will get good run since jelly got injured