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  1. What are we thinking about Julio in 2020? If he starts, I think he could quietly be a really nice fantasy piece. His hype has long since died off, but he's still only 23, and his Savant profile is elite. His usage outlook though is a bit murky. Roster Resource currently has him as the Dodgers' 5th starter behind Bueheler, Kershaw, Price, and Alex Wood. But the Dodgers also have Ross Stripling, Dustin May, and Tony Gonsolin that they might want to use as starters. Factor in the Dodgers' propensity to bounce guys back and forth between the rotation and the bullpen (most notably with Maeda, Stripling, and even a bit with Julio last year), and he becomes a bit risky of a piece to expect much out of. But I really think the talent is there, and he could be a huge late round buy if he gets time in the rotation. What are your thoughts?
  2. To be fair, Sano's never played in more than 116 games in a year. Give him a full season and he'll sleepwalk to 40 HR with or without a juiced ball
  3. Is Fletcher considered to have the 2B job over LaStella? Roster Resource currently has LaStella as the starter
  4. Is Fletcher still going to get enough playing time to be a worthwhile fantasy option? He was nice to own last year as a new-school Ben Zobrist/Marwin Gonzalez type, but the field is pretty crowded now with the additions of Rendon and Joc
  5. I don't know a whole lot about Fletcher to be honest, but I know he was a solid, useful player to own last year. He carried super utility positional eligibility last year and still has 2B, 3B, SS, and OF this year (ESPN). In 154 games last year, he slashed .290/.350/.384, making him a nice bench piece to use and fill in almost anywhere on off days or for injured players. Now with the addition of Anthony Rendon, could Fletcher be on the outside looking in for consistent playing time? He played 90 games at 3B last year which now of course will no longer be an option. Assuming health, Andrelton Simmons will have the everyday SS job. Trout, Justin Upon, and the new addition of Joc Pederson figure to get most of the minutes in the outfield, and Roster Resource currently has Tommy LaStella winning the starting 2B job. So, will there be enough playing time to warrant taking Fletcher? As for his tool set, others will likely be able to give more insights than me. But Savant had a mixed bag of results last year for Fletcher. On one hand, he ranked horrendously in exit velo, hard hit percentage, and xSLG. On the other, he was among the best in xBA, and rated very well defensively in OAA which could help give the Angels a reason to give him playing time. Any Angels or Fletcher fans able to fill in some of the details I'm missing? What should we expect from Fletcher this year in terms of playing time and production? Will he be worth a late draft pick as a flexible bench bat, or should we be ignoring him this year?
  6. Astudillo can play a number of positions, but quite honestly he should never play anything other than C and 3B. He's more of a meme than an outfielder. And there's already Marwin, Adrianza, and Cave that can play a few positions. You're right that Rocco will cycle players through, but Marwin/Adrianza/Cave are all better defensively than Astudillo and will get PT first. There's just not PT for Astudillo right now. If there's an injury, he'll be the first guy added to the 26-man, but right now I'm just not seeing how he gets any time with everyone healthy
  7. There's a good chance Astudillo won't even make the active roster. Not concerned about finding playing time for him, he's not as good a player as he appeared to be early in his tenure last year. Marwin will still get fairly consistent playing time cycling around through a few different positions while giving rest to others. Avila will already get PT as a backup catcher, and Ehire is best as a pure bench player anyways. Garver should definitely get a bump in PT Yeah crazy year wasn't it?
  8. I really like Smeltzer as a fan. Probably not the highest ceiling, but he could be a back end guy. But his story is amazing, he beat cancer as a child and now he's in the big leagues. He sells shirts with the proceeds going to help offset costs for pediatric cancer patients. There's an awesome picture of him meeting Chase Utley as a kid when he was going through treatment, then them standing side by side in the Dodgers clubhouse in spring training. Super easy to root for and he's a solid pitcher. Far from overpowering stuff, but he makes it work Dobby is fairly similar to be honest, minus the backstory (interesting background, just nothing like Smeltz). Of course got recognition for Ubering in the offseason as a minor leaguer, to starting G2 at Yankee Stadium last year (Pineda's suspension really screwed us). Dobby could stick as a back end guy, but might be a AAAA player too. Really haven't seen all that much from him yet. Thorpe has a bit higher of a ceiling than the other two but isn't seen as a frontline guy by anybody. The thought was that the Twins were going to get what they could out of those 3 while waiting for Hill and Pineda to get back, but now with Maeda that'll be a bit lesser of a concern. Unsure who has the inside track to the rotation out of ST though, probably will be a true ST competition Book was still out on Graterol as SP/RP. Word broke a few weeks ago that we were going to use him as a RP this year, but weren't ruling out SP in the future. Made sense as he can be a dominant reliever now, but needs to get stretched out before starting. Thought was let's get the most out of him we can now and then reevaluate in a year. But with a strong pen even without Graterol and still some holes in the rotation, i think it made sense to move him for Maeda. We can afford not to have him in our pullpen, and while he has immense upside, we do need some help in the SP now. Maeda also gives us another solid long term option as Berrios and Pineda were the only 2 proven SPs under contract past this season
  9. I'm a biased Twins fan, but I'm not buying this. Run support definitely isn't a concern, the Twins lineup is stellar. DH, sure, but still a pretty good division to pitch in. 10 extra pitches per game? Don't think I get the connection there. He'll be a starter and only a starter (maybe pen in playoffs though but even then I'd guess not). Worse catcher defensively I'd agree with, but Avila isn't a bad framer, and Garver has gotten better and better over the last year and a half The biggest plus for Maeda and his owners are simply knowing he'll be a starter instead of bouncing back and forth all the time
  10. No reason to do that. Contract is very reasonable even if he gets all of his incentives. And the Twins need help in their rotation. They wouldn't have given up Graterol only to use Maeda as the Dodgers have. Fully expect him to be a full-time starter If Maeda can give them innings, I think he'll be a nice add. Looking into his numbers and metrics, he's quietly really good. Could be a nice middle round addition, especially in a division that's still pretty soft
  11. Nice, I actually hadn't seen this article yet, just found his pitch type splits in my own research before. But good to hear he's been putting in a lot of work to get better against non-FBs. I definitely trust his work ethic, in his rookie year he improved SO much in his all around game, it really showed that he was putting in the time to get better in all aspects
  12. Losing Graterol definitely hurts long term. But Maeda is a quietly pretty nice addition to the rotation. They're still lacking a true #1, but Berrios, Odorizzi, Maeda, Pineda, Hill is a pretty solid rotation once Pineda/Hill are back. Until then, Bailey and whoever between Thorpe/Dobnak/Smeltzer should be able to hold down the fort. I don't love the deal since Graterol's upside seems almost limitless, but I think it could work out better than you'd think based on gut reaction
  13. I am expecting some regression, but still a very good year. He's not going to keep pace with his HR clip, but he should have more volume this year so I could see him end up with about the same number of counting stats in more games played. I do think the Twins will give Avila good PT as well to help keep Garv fresh, though One note, he sat on fastballs a LOT last year and destroyed them. But against other stuff, he wasn't so good. Against heat he hit .341 and slugged .838, but breaking balls, he hit .186 and slugged .395, and on offspeed pitches he hit .174 and slugged .261. 55% of pitches he saw were fastballs, so we can expect that number to plummet this season. So the question becomes how/if he changes his approach. Does he double down and sit fastballs, knowing he'll get less of them but making the pitcher pay when he does, or does he adjust to handle breaking/offspeed stuff better, likely at the tradeoff of being less productive against fastballs? Hard to say, but that could drive his value a bit Overall though, I'm expecting roughly the same counting stats but in closer to 120-130 games than the 92 he had last year. Probably a bit of regression in the slash line, but still productive for a C, maybe something like .265/.345/.565 ish. I'd definitely be comfortable taking him if the ADP stays reasonable