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  1. Vote for him to have SG eligibility: https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/206157-fantasy-basketball/suggestions/39219019-paul-george-sg-eligibility
  2. 10 team H2H Punt assist. Have AD on the team so might end up punting pts if he is shut down for the year
  3. Worth it with Oladipps injiry ? H2H Punt assist
  4. For a punt assist team. Both give similar lines - who to keep ROS ?
  5. If Covington is still on the wire then drop Anderson for him ASAP
  6. 9-Cat H2H. Punt assist. I think I need one more big for rebounding: PG - Bledsoe, G Hill SG - Ingles, Hield, Fournier SF- Butler, Prince, Ariza, J Lamb PF - AD, RHJ C - Gobert, Ayton
  7. Wall if you Punt FG% and TO%. Jrue for any other build
  8. I'd like Jrue for your team but if you insist on trading him then do Jrue+Horford for Oladipo
  9. 12 team H2H punting points here. Fox, Nance, Collins are the posble drops
  10. Looks like his time in Memphis is over though we don't know what his role will be. Dinwiddie comes off waivers tonight.
  11. Both are similar in terms of fantasy stats. Same playoff schedule as well. Thoughts ?
  12. 12 team 9 cat H2H. Which one has the better ROS outlook ?