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  1. How many do ya have paid..I got 2-3 guys
  2. We set up the FAAB to make picking up players more fair. My question is can you set it up to where only players that are dropped go to waivers then the FAAB is then used. The problem is that every free agent is on Waivers and you have to use bids to pick them up and then they clear waivers every Monday amd Thursday. Free agents should be free agents and free to get so you can stream pitchers and hitters. We only want the FAAB for dropped players to give everyone equal chance at them
  3. I hate the new there any way to go back to the old way..looking at your team and the league is not very user friendly and ive always loved the espn site
  4. Sent you the link..if you wanna stay in league let me know and ill send ya the leaguesafe
  5. 5x5 paid thru Leagusafe 10 man league Basically the standard ESPN league Send email and ill send link so you can check league 8 have paid on leagusafe..just need 2 more...Legit league going on 5th year
  6. Need 2-3 more owners 10 man league..7 have paid on Leaguesafe Basically a standard ESPN roto league Draft is monday night Send email and ill send link to league if you wanna check it out
  7. Draft is Monday night 10 man league Paid thru leagusafe Basicaly the standard ESPN league Send email if interested and i can send ya link to league
  8. Send email if youre interested...payments thru leaguesafe
  9. Draft will be Tuesday march 12. 10 man league. Check setting and let me know if interested..payments thru leaguesafe...legit league going on 5th year
  10. Id like to know what the preventative trade rumors 44 years old and hate the possible drama of playimg with strangers