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  1. Oh ye of little faith Hope you didn't put your Elf on your shelf!
  2. Gay and Skal. Chandler is injury-prone and Randle is completely lost, although he is fighting for a contract this year
  3. I say if he's crazy enough to take that, roll with it. You need a better commish!
  4. Honestly I wish I had your team! Looks like you're playing small so just keep it going. It's strong 1-13!
  5. Vuc and Brown hands down. Jaylen is gonna ball out this season!
  6. Drop Rondae or Markannen for Dejounte/Danny Green or Kelly Oubre! More of a lateral move but you look set for counting stats so st3cks would be next. Thanks for the help!
  7. I'm beginning to lose my patience with Alex Len and both Skal and Danny Green are on the WW. Should I pull the trigger and drop Len for Skal or Green? Should I be dropping someone else on my team?? Going for Punt FG%, team in sig. WHIR! Thanks!
  8. My Jeremy Lin for his Tobias Harris? I'm playing small and punting FG%/TO but I feel like my team has enough PGs. WHIR 100%!
  9. Hey guys, I started a Yahoo fantasy suggestion for Dray to get C eligibility. Please help get Dray PF/C by voting here:
  10. Non-shooting arm, so he should be fine when he gets back. I had just drafted as well and this definitely sucks. Hoping for 8 and not 12 week recovery!