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  1. With Stayton yes, straight up no... please see mine, thx!
  2. I personally don’t like this deal because of Darnold...if I had to choose I’d rather have Ridley over ARob, that being said I wouldn’t...maybe swap Campbell instead of Keenan but I don’t see him doing that...I also don’t see a huge upgrade for you swapping Robinson for Hines...thx for the help.
  3. A Few D’s out there this week... LA Rams at Philly Arizona vs. Washington cleveland vs. Cincy Saints at LV Seattle vs. NE GB vs. Detroit Thanks all, leave a link!
  4. Take it and don’t look back in a 2 QB league. You can use that extra spot for a WR as you’re pretty thin there after this deal but can’t pass on Russ here in a 2 QB league!!! Thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks for the help. This is a tough one as I agree with you on all counts...things look good for Campbell. It also would be good to keep Snell this week. Boyd is in a good situation. The only thing I shook my head at was the “if AJ stays healthy” lol as I really don’t see that happening! I think you have to stay put...there is no one else you can drop? I’d hold Snell at this point, I’d hold Boyd...I’d try to get Campbell other drops?
  6. Both appear solid, but with make up of your team I say Campbell...thanks for the help!
  7. Agreed, drop stafford for Kelley...don’t need 2 QB’s...thanks for the help!
  8. I was thinking this was 12 team...very solid 14 league team...! Thanks for the help!
  9. Slayton’s got some crazy chemistry with Jones...
  10. Other owner owns Dalvin Cook. It would give me someone I could put in as a flex. My other backs are Henry, J. Taylor, Snell, Michel and Pollard. We start 2 backs and flex like normal. Thanks & leave a link!
  11. I doubt he’ll get to me as I’m down the waiver wire a bit but I was thinking of at least trying...our league is PPR and 1 point per 5 receive yards, also 1 point per carry. Little different but is who I’m thinking of as a drop... Pollard, RB, Dal. Kirk, WR, Ari. P. Campbell, WR, Indy Or I could go no kicker or no D. My current kicker is Boswell, Pit. and current D is Philly. I really liked the rapport it looked like Campbell had so kind of against that but...anyway let me know whAt you think and leave a link! Thanks.
  12. I’m super concerned with Cooks injury history...that being said IF he can stay healthy you win imo...of course I may be a bit biased as I am an OSU Beaver fan...GO BEAVS!!!!! IMO Cooks is due to have a healthy season...gamble yes but I’m plus Cooks side...thanks for the help.
  13. Mack has weak opponent but Taylor, Montgomery has volume but it’s the Bears lol...thoughts? Thanks for previous help!!!