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  1. You can get much more for the Joker...yes he’s a center but he plays like a point guard with the triple double potential...Ayton can’t do that (although he is a double double guy) and whiteside isn’t near that either...I wouldn’t do that...thx for the help earlier.
  2. Lol thanks all, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something!!!
  3. Thoughts on this deal? Should I take Siakam over Wiggins? Standard 12 team H2H. Thx & leave a link.
  4. Thx for the help, I was thinking of eyeing Mitchell as well so I agree with above poster, trade Embiid for Mitchell and lavine..,
  5. Hey all, 10 team league H2H, standard but no TO, in its place is DD... I have Harden and RoCo, also have Lillard. Thinking of picking up Coby White and dropping either House or Ariza. Thoughts? Thanks.
  6. Beverley Michael porter jr kevin porter jr mikal bridges Baynes McCaw Paschall RHJ Shamet J. Crowder Portis Z. Collins T. Davis
  7. I love me some Bam, I think I’d go with Thanks!
  8. Holy cow seriously? If that doesn’t get vetoed great job and please invite me to your league next year LOL!!!
  9. Culver over House then...anybody else agree on this? With Harden there isn’t a lot happening for the rest of them...
  10. I love Bam but I think Booker is too high of a price to pay...Lonzo isn’t even going to come close esp in a redraft...wait for more responses but just my opinion. Help please? Thanks!
  11. Hey all, H2H league, standard but instead of TO’s there are Culver a better option than any of the following on my roster? And why or why not? Thanks, leave a link. Dunn, Chi. House, Hou. Bazemore, Por.
  12. I feel like your team is pretty darn solid...two of those guys came back from PED suspensions-albeit one has ankle issues. I think I’d stay put as your guys should finally be coming together. Help? Thanks!
  13. Think I’d lean Lee but not please? Thanks!
  14. I worry about PG & load management... I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as take it and run...of Course I’m a huge Bam fan please? Thx!
  15. Hard pass...Zion is a stud but at this point his name is bigger than his play and they’re going to take it slow with Thx!