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  1. Shhhhh the secrets not out yet! I actually said this too and am worried the 3pt contest will put him on a lot more ppls minds and he won't be floating on the WW when I need him for those sweet 3Pts High %'s and Low TOs!
  2. IMO this is the exact reason why he should play! Coach Malone knows what this kid offers and MPJ is what's going to put that team over that hump!
  3. Guys I don't know what to do...That last Wood lasted longer than 4 hours, should I seek immediate medical assistance? Bad jokes aside, I admittedly just followed the hype on this guy and after seeing his Per 36 numbers stashed him...but WOW after seeing his last 2 game highlights makes me think this guy truly is a BEAST! Not even Casey could screw this up!
  4. Dude take a deep breath and let this guy get acclimated, much like the rest of us to this new micro-ball-70-threes or less offense!
  5. Is doing well rehabbing and is supposedly expected back at the 4 week part of his 4-6 week timeline from Jan 9! But BBall Monster does have his expected return on Feb 20!
  6. Lost me almost 3 categories single-handedly, this guy is horribly inefficient and honestly feel like all he has to offer is REBs which I agree is hard to find on the WW but if you utilize his spot for streaming no reason why you wouldn't be able to cover that through the WW without losing so much in TOs, FG, and FT %'s
  7. Agree, if you've held on this long it'd be such a waste if you don't hold on till at least after the trade deadline. Plus he'll be back in 1 week donning a mask!
  8. So looks like he's out at least 1 week and then will be re-evaluated next week and will probably be able to return to play in a mask! Russell Westbrook suffered a similar type injury Feb 27, 2015 with surgery the next day and returned to play March 04, 2015.
  9. Dudes got all the talent in the world just look at his performance last season when L.Ball was injured and the fact that Luke Walton still doesn't stagger him in the lineup with Lebron James is going to continue to limit him and stunt his growth! He belongs on the 2nd team as the playmaker!