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  1. When you dominate snaps for a team and have a modicum of talent, eventually the law of averages will win out. Combine that with a matchup against the worst team in the league against RBs and you get the result you are seeing now.
  2. A lot of hand wringing from Duke owners in his thread today. Hope they took my advice, he was due for a game like this.
  3. Lions defense against RBs is worst in the league, both in rushing yardage and through the air, and I still don’t see who is going to compete with Duke in snap share. The first week he started was a total wash given the weather and the fact that nobody did anything on offense on either side. Last week wasn’t good at all I’ll admit, but now they are down two WRs. Texans will need to run and Duke is their guy.
  4. Every single player is dealing with some kind of ailment in week 12. Chest and rib injuries are almost always of the pain management variety, and since it hasn’t keep him out of practice or even been mentioned anywhere besides one reporter on one podcast, I’m not wringing my hands too much over it. The more I think about it the more I see Duke having a 70+ combined yardage with 4 catches and a TD kind of day.
  5. This guy is still a top 20 option, regardless of how bad he has been lately. The opportunity is there and the matchup couldn’t be better. As someone who has started him the past two weeks I understand the sour grapes in this thread, but most of us don’t have a lot of other great options. If you are someone who has been rotating backs in and out of your RB2 slot and you’re choosing between Duke and AP, or Ahmed, or were running with Gio, I don’t see how you have another option besides to start Duke. There are maybe 15 guys you can feel confident about starting this week. Duke is not in that group but you could do far worse.