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  1. You were also in another thread insisting that Zeke's bellcow days are over and recommended him as a sell-high. Nobody is impressed with your expertise or frankly that of anyone else on these forums that pats themselves on the back when they are "right" and shirks away when they miss the mark. The selective memory victory lap you're taking here is a bit embarrassing and in this case, also a bit misleading--McCoy's fumbling problems have a lot more to do with his role being scaled back than his actual production does.
  2. In Waller's best game two weeks ago he was 2/63 at halftime, had a 28yd td nullified by a holding call at the beginning of the 2nd quarter, and by the time of his first td in the middle of the 3rd he was 5/100/1 on the game. Wasn't exactly a garbage time special at that point and the kid was doing great. He's not going to get the Gronkowski treatment but there's zero to complain about in terms of his usage or production. Even with this 2 target showing (it happens, by the way, to everyone...Kittle has a game with 3 this year) he's averaging nearly 8 a game. Any hand wringing in this thread is pure nonsense.
  3. Worth holding through the trade deadline particularly now that he's eligible for IR slot in most fantasy leagues. If he isn't moved he is an easy drop. Probably an easy drop anyways...but since he isn't holding up a roster spot this week, if you've held him this long, might as well hold a little longer.
  4. The guy is 25 years old. Most of you making proclamations about his knee or his performance moving forward have very little facts on either. Gurley was also being left for dead after his catastrophic college injury and his disappointing start in the NFL under Fisher--and you better believe there was plenty of chirping in threads like these from know it alls suggesting that Gurley would never live up to his talent. What we do know is that he's young, immensely talented, in an offense that has proved the potential to be dynamic, and that he received a huge contract from a team that has more info on his injury history than anyone. Is it possible that his injury woes detail his career? Absolutely. But it's far from a certainty and really only time will tell. But let's not forget who this kid is, what he's capable of, and the fact that he's only in his 5th year in the league. He has bounced back once already after everyone was convinced his career was done. Don't be surprised to see him do it again.
  5. Gurley still finished or can we agree this guy is a clear RB1?
  6. What are you talking about? Dude already has 7 touches, just needed a breather.
  7. Gordon has obviously been an incredibly valuable fantasy RB for the past few years and owners have to be elated that he ended his holdout earlier than expected. Couple that with some of the coach speak we've heard on Gordon recently and you have a situation where it's easy to be optimistic about his outlook this year. That said, I see him below the tier of truly elite guys like Zeke. He's not an efficient player by any means and while the talent is there it's worth remembering that this is a guy that was labeled a bust in his first two years due to how dreadful his efficiency was. I think it's a valid argument to suggest that while Gordon is a good if not great player, his fantasy production has mostly depended on his role in this offense and his workload. Ekeler has looked like a very good player this year and I think he's probably a bigger threat to MGs workload than most realize. At this point in the year, without seeing him play a snap yet and determining how this year might work out for him, it's hard for me to value him as a top 10 rb ROS. That is his ceiling no doubt, but for those interested in including him in a trade I'd be cautious of trading for him at his ceiling value. I would feel a lot better about trading for him if I'm shipping off a RB2 or WR2 type, or even someone like JuJu who has underperformed this year. There's no circumstance where I'd include a stud in a trade for Gordon. A guy like Gurley is even cutting it very close for me. Good rule of thumb for those thinking about buying this guy: winner of a trade is usually the one who gets the best player. A lot of scenarios where MG is the best player on one side but I'd be very cautious about including any top tier option in a trade for him.
  8. I think you're being a little harsh on the guy. Hamstring injuries really have nothing to do with volume, it can happen at any time really. Him getting injured week 1 with a hammy tells us pretty much zero about his prospects the rest of the year. OBJ missed the first four games of his rookie season with a hamstring injury. How did that turn out?
  9. Definitely has some potential flex value this week but hard to understand why some experts have him in the RB15-20 range. Definitely possible given his talent and upside in this offense but really hard to see him getting enough opportunity to reach that value. As an owner I'm sitting him this week, too many unknowns, but would love to see a spark out of him regardless even if he only plays limited snaps.
  10. Henderson has one touch in 4 weeks and would most likely be elevated to Browns current role if Gurley were injured. I understand it's a low risk move if you are in a league like Yahoo where you can add tonight and drop after the game if there is no injury (I love this strategy and will sometimes stream free agent handcuffs throughout Sunday if I have an extra bench slot), but even in the best case I don't think there will be a lot of value here. If you are trying to do the streaming handcuff strategy I think there's an argument to be made that you are better off snapping up Mattison if he's still there so you don't run the risk that someone sees you pick up Henderson and tries to employ the same strategy.
  11. Should we repost the video above for you? Regardless of when you expect him to come back it's easy to see how remarkable it is that he's moving like that just 11 days removed from a walking boot and crutches. Hard to argue that he looks like that now but won't be ready for another 4-6 weeks as originally projected. If we were prognosticating he would be back based on his physical physique and his quick recovery from a similar injury in college you might have a point. But this guy isn't sitting off on the sidelines in a boot--he's moving around, changing direction, etc. I still don't expect him back for another week or two as I do think sharp cuts in game action will have quite a different affect on his ankle than some practice warmup, but it seems a fact at this point that this guy is going to come back far under the original timeline set for him.
  12. There is a real cost to rostering any handcuff who does not have standalone value, like Brown. That bench slot he ties up is valuable--depending on how long he languishes on your bench I would argue the value lost is similar to FAAB lost if you decide not to cuff and have to bid on him in the event of a Gurley injury. Handcuffing is very much like purchasing insurance. You are paying a little now so you don't have to theoretically have to pay more later. But there's always the chance you never cash on that insurance, or that the coverage isn't as good as you hoped (i.e. Brown becomes starter but only returns RB2- value). Owners will have to decide for themselves just how valuable that bench slot is relative to how valuable Brown would be if something happens to Gurley. Rams aren't doing a great job running the ball period and Brown is not some transcendental talent waiting in the wings. There is also another RB in this group in Henderson that could start seeing work if he were elevated to the backup role. For me the value proposition doesn't make sense for my league to roster a handcuff in Brown when I can use that spot for someone like Singletary. I don't think Brown is a must own for Gurley owners by any means.
  13. Projecting RB touches for this week, hard to see it play out much differently than this depending on game flow: Shady: 14-18; will act as the main guy in the backfield in all situations Darwin: 2-6; spells Shady on short 3rd downs and potentially other passing situations, but not to the extent of D Will due to pass pro issues Darrel: 1-4; breather for Shady on running downs There's definitely a chance we see a repeat of last week where the run game takes a backseat to Mahomes and co. but it's hard to see the Ravens focusing on stopping the run after what Mahomes has done the first two weeks. If the Chiefs beat you on the ground, you take that, but you absolutely can't let them keep hitting the deep ball. Darrel is not a threat, but I do think there's the potential for Shady to turn in a lackluster performance and for Darwin to have one or two spark plays that turn some heads.
  14. McCoy got 10 pts on 11 touches week 1 with limited knowledge of the playbook against the Jags. I get it, JAX has been disappointing this year but they have a lot of talent on that side of the ball, so it's not like they are a pushover. The ankle really isn't that big of a concern, if he's playing he can play and he has very commonly played through injuries in his career. If your reasoning was that they will simply redistribute Damien's carries to Darwin and Darrel, I could buy that. But I think there's a reason McCoy walked in off the street and automatically took a shared part of this committee, and it's not like he's some one trick pony that can't step in on passing downs. I don't see him being the bellcow by any means but 17-22 touches is not outside of the realm of possibility for him. And in this offense that has translated to fantasy points for guys like Charcandrick West and Spencer Ware--so I like Shady's chances to produce a RB3/flex outing (10+ ppr points) for owners who need to roll him out this week.