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  1. Given that they traded away two role wings and the only other role wing left is untrusted Hezonja, it’s very possible that Ariza gets thrown into significant minutes. Not a game changer but could be a poor man’s Covington. If they use him easily a top 80-100 player. His stats while given minutes in WAS last season was early round.
  2. My Trae Young and Hassan Whiteside for his Buddy Hield and KAT in H2H standard 9 cat, which side would you choose? WHIR
  3. It’s really a toss comes down to what stats you need
  4. Troy brown IT2 and House are all droppable for me
  5. My Bam Adebayo for his Paul George in standard 9 cat H2H, take and run or no? WHIR
  6. I got offered Ayton for either my Collins or Adebayo in standard 9-cat H2H. Should I stay put or deal away one of my bigs? WHIR
  7. RHJ will be roster worthy but low upside unless they run him same minutes as Siakam. When he had a big role with the Nets he was outside top 100.
  8. RHJ may get more minutes, but for fantasy purposes Boucher is probably still the add unless they run RHJ same minutes as Siakam. Having own RHJ during his prime Nets days even in 35min RHJ at best a top 80 player. In 25-30min I'd say his outside top 100. Boucher on the other hand is going to be rosterable in 20min and if he can reach 24-26min he'll easily be inside top 80. There are 96 minutes for the front court. Ibaka, Boucher, RHJ can all play in the high 20s low 30s with OG playing some small ball 4. Another thing to consider is what the team standing will be when everyone is back. They can easily tumble in the standings over the next month or two and end up being sellers at the deadline, as well as starting to rest their veterans. There is slim ROS upside for Chris Boucher.
  9. that was my main concern. Ranking-wise there's not doubt I'm getting the better player, but wonder if the back to backs eliminate that.
  10. I got offered Horford for my Rozier and Lamb in 12-team standard 9-cat, should I take it and run? Should I try to get him to add Ball? WHIR
  11. 12 team 9 cat standard, received an offer of Whiteside and Ball for Adebayo. Was interested in taking the trade but then saw the rotoblurb on how he might be first rounder if FT% stays up. What are your thoughts? WHIR.
  12. At least I can own up to my mistake in predictions.
  13. I need to call you out here. I said Ingram and Wiggins were similar players before and you bashed on me saying Ingram was much better. Turns out they are similar...similarly baller!