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  1. Looks like it. He's not involved in neither the starting team nor the bench team.
  2. It was fun, but dropped. He's not coming back this fantasy season.
  3. The warriors reaaaally don't give a damn about my fantasy team. They should start relegating teams to the G-League. Newly promoted teams get the top picks.
  4. Rose is a true hooper. He's been quietly doing this for the last few years. As long as his minutes are held in check he can consistently produce. He's very fragile so the caution in the blurbs is understandable. He's a very valuable bench guy now.
  5. Was gambling on him returning before the allstar break. I'm really cutting it close in the standings. Might have to drop if I really start to slip, but for now i'll hold. The reward is too big if I make it.
  6. Did this with Nunn, kind of regretting it now. Hope Graham can turn things around.
  7. maaaannn it was a sweet ride, but it looks like the wheels are starting to fall off for him again. I did get Reggie but I wonder if he'll be as efficient.
  8. That 20-25 mpg was just fine for him. I don't understand why they are going to risk injuring him. Have they learned nothing from past years. Detroit isn't going anywhere anyway.
  9. I have Wood and Doumbouya, so my bets are hedged, but Wood has been pretty underwelming even with minutes in the mid twenties. I wonder if he'll be one of those guys who'll just not be able to break out. I mean, we can blame the coach but at some point we also have to see if there is just something lacking with him as a player.