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  1. Honestly dude, it's not so much the fantasy discussion that annoys me, but it's that you literally type in the most abrasive way. You can't plead innocence either like this: Because you literally hit me with this before, as well as other users, when we presented our perspectives civilly. It doesn't feel like "debating basketball", it just feels like **** flinging half the time and it's why I didn't reply back until now. If someone is just egging you on or poking at you, just ignore them man. It's not like we're being unreasonable either. For the most part, what people said would happen was totally valid and fair -- and maybe actually happened. He has maintained that close to 30 MPG, while also being a reasonable roster in 10-12 team leagues for a pretty balanced stat line with a boost in out of position assists. In your reply to me, some of the stuff you wrote below just ??? me a lot. You complained that we were boxscore warriors, but you're talking about Vince Carter and the Hawks making a playoff push? Elfrid Payton being a better fantasy player (and an actual NBA caliber point guard)? Like I can agree that Huerter has been injury prone this year and I can agree that he's not a must own player in 10 team leagues (especially not right now and your league has no IR which I understand) and probably not in 12 team leagues, but you have to be fair to us too like some of these takes were just not right. It's give and take, you can't just label us as "fanboys" and expect nobody to argue back. Again, not trying to flame you. Sometimes we're right, sometimes we're wrong. Just presenting yourself in such an antagonistic manner in each post isn't conducive for any kind of discussion. As for Huerter, I don't really think he's must own in 10-12 team leagues. I think it's safe to expect the stat line that YouSnoozeYouLose posted of 2/13/3/4/1stl/.5blk, but that's not really something that makes him untouchable. To me, that's about what you'd expect from a bench guard plus a little bit in assists. You could easily stream that spot for his other stats, especially since 3s are so easy to find these days. That said, I think he's really easy to roster since assists are so shallow of a category and all the high assists players tend to be point guards that are early rounders or that have glaring weaknesses like the Ball, Payton, etc. kind. There's just not many out of position assists available, let alone floating on the waiver wire, which makes him valuable as a guy that can help a team improve their assists value without really hurting them anywhere else. He's never going to win you the category, but he can help offset a point guard injury or a team that didn't draft enough assists.
  2. While a lot of this depends on league size, a non-PG that can get you four assists regularly is already valuable in 10-12 team leagues. It seems really presumptuous to call it "starving for assists" when some < 50 guys that average 4+ maybe even 5+ assists in the league. Then you can look at 3s made and the list gets even smaller... and most of those guys left in this category are all early round players. It's pretty obvious that his value is not an easy commodity to find and would help any team. I hope this is an exaggeration too, because any team with Elfrid Payton in the NBA is going to be mediocre at best and his situation in New York is totally not a sure thing... Like even in fantasy, I don't think anyone willingly wants to roster Elfrid Payton? LOL Maybe in a points league, but I play categories so I can't relate if that's the case at all. Yes, because the Hawks his playmaking and spacing is valuable -- especially compared to players like Reddish and Bembry. He will get his minutes and those guys will pick up what's left if there is a lineup shuffle. Carter is literally 42 years old. He's not stealing anyone's minutes any time soon. He's probably never going to win you the FG% category, but I don't think anyone cares about that number given what his other stats provide -- like unless he magically starts tanking you there but his volume will never be that high either. He is shooting that percentage because he's been injured coming into the season and recently. You can check his stats like 5 games ish before his last injury, that's a good barometer for what to expect (and that was him "warming up"). Collins or not, the Hawks are pretty bad. They're second last in the East and I don't think they're going to be much more than a fringe team in the East this year. The team has a lot of young players and they're still going through growing pains and they need more time. Minutes are up and down because of injuries and figuring out the rotation. I can't see where you're coming from at all man. I think you've thought this one too hard.
  3. He's not a top 50 guy right now, but he's far from mediocre unless you're in a shallow league. The blocks "disappeared" for a week and including those three no block games there's like only two other games where he hasn't recorded one. I think that's pretty consistent. The real drag on his ranking was his free throw percentage, but he's been like 80%+ for the last month and his average there is starting to normalize. I can think of like five guys that can get you that combination of 50+ FG%/75 FT%/1.5 blocks and Allen is one of the few.
  4. How is this mediocre? Maybe I have different expectations since I just traded for Allen and am a new owner, but I'll happily take good percentages, no turnovers, and multiple stocks any day. As long as he does those things, I won't haggle over a rebound/point or two.
  5. I haven't watched him really since two years ago (I missed today's game and he was hurt most of last year), but he'd be a speculative pickup/stream in counting stats due to volume of minutes rather than his potential as a per minutes kind of player. He played 25 MPG as a rookie and was definitely more valuable as a real life player than in fantasy, as his role was mostly as a gritty defensive glue guy (not a steals play either). I expect more of that (glue guy role) going forward and he'll probably be the kind of guy that will bounce around waivers as people stream him. For now, I feel like there's more attractive targets in most leagues that are available than him if you have a droppable player (he's available in my 16 teamer and nobody is rushing for him).
  6. That's exactly what I'm thinking. The thing is that James Johnson only needs 20-25 minutes to consistently push for a 1/1/1 and I feel like the situation has enough opportunity for those minutes. He could push for a starting PF gig, but also could simply get some run as a backup for either spot. Realistically too, I don't think he can stay on the court that much longer even if he started (like a 24-28 MPG role) because he has a history of making mental mistakes and playing outside of himself.