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  1. Stud. I don’t remember when the last time he sucked was. Oh he just made 1/4 on FT. Bench him coach Casey.
  2. Looks like too many mouths to feed in Phily. Shake’s low usage gets lower with Embiid back, but still not a bad outing. Solid glue guy at the end of bench as he doesn’t really hurt you anywhere. Wish I could’ve grabbed Maximum Derrick but it was too late.
  3. SF Nance gets guards stats with 100% FG. Lovin’ it.
  4. Got K.O. by Zion. Out for the reminder of the game.
  5. I dunno how long it’s gonna last but this is a nice pickup at least until Simmons returns.
  6. In 2003 he sucked as a bull and then he suddenly became a 2nd rounder after traded to Toronto. Hit a bunch of 3’s and grabbed a ton of boards. Getting stocks like James Johnson. A better version of RoCo with good FG%. Would’ve been a perfect stretch 5 in today’s nba.
  7. Rotoworld’s favorite. He’s gonna be gone by 3rd round next year’s draft.
  8. The second of b2b. This is more of resting than center by committee. Annoying though.