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  1. This is what my team looks like it's just espn default points rules not going to list. They are basically just my utility pitcher and hitter though. C-Vasquez 1b-Josh Bell 2b-Fletcher 3b-Vlad Jr ss-Tatis Jr 2b/ss-Jp Crawford 1b/3b-Moncada of-Trout of-JD Martinez of-Brian Anderson of-yastremski of-kyle lewis util-Renato Nunez b-benintendi b-Adames b-open bench spot p-Hader p-Bauer p-Urias p-Greinke p-Alcantara - dl elibible p-Ross Stripling p-Luzardo p-Brady Singer p-Kyle Freeland IL-Sale IL-Will Smith IL-Carlos Martinez I Just dropped Eduardo Rodiguez to clear a spot. I still have Sale for whatever reason. But no need to drop him and there was no need to drop Eduardo either. So I basically have to call up Smith or drop him or do nothing. Or put Alcantara on the IL. There are other players out there too. I just thought Franco and Bassitt are at the top right now.
  2. They kind of fit the same role on my team will smith and bassitt as a swing pitcher and adames and franco. Just different positions and bassett and franco are doing better right now. It's all points regardless so the role doesn't really matter. I just mess with my team sometimes that way. There are no holds either so I don't know what Smith is going to do. There are better pitchers out there now putting up points on waivers. And hitters as well. Trying to be patient.
  3. It's an espn league default settings. I want to pick up Bassitt and Maikel Franco. But have to drop Adames or Smith. I have 1 bench spot open but have to call up Smith or drop him.
  4. I also have Emilio Pagan. Forgot about him but got him late and nice sleeper.
  5. I play fantasy quite a bit but kind of did this team off the cuff this year really early. I'm also doing espn this year with 5 outfielders and different format. I screwed up my catcher spot but ah well? C-Vasquez 1b-Josh Bell 2b-Ryan Mcmahon 3b-Vlad Guerrero Jr SS-Fernando Tatis Jr 1b/3b-Moncada OF-Trout OF-JD Martinez OF-Benintendi OF-Brian Anderson OF-Danny Santana JR UTil-Michael Chavis B-Verdugo B-Travis D'arnaud P-Sale P-Hader P-Greinke P-Will Smith P-Bauer P-Eduardo Rodriguez P-Carlos Martinez P-Urias B-Ian Kennedy
  6. He's been playing really well but with Drummond incoming. Particularly on this team with Holmes coming back is Nance my drop? PG-KEmba SG-Lavine G-Reggie Jackson SF-Tatum PF-Embiid F-Gallinari C-Turner C-Sabonis Util-Levert Util-Nance B-Payton B-Donte Divenzo B-Brandon Clarke B-Aaron Gordon IL-Holmes
  7. I've been offered these 3. Teague, Rose, and Dragic for Holmes. I'm not sure I even want to do it and can do better but am leaning towards maybe for Rose. 10 team h2h. Should I just keep holmes and play waivers with Bridges for a point guard? Or trade Holmes and get a point guard? Someone is going to have to be waived regardless. I feel like I can do better than making a deal for a mediocre player. Rose gets traded etc. PG-Kemba SG-Lavine G-Levert SF-TAtum PF-Embiid - Injured F-GAllinari C-Turner C-Sabonis Util-Ingles Util-Aaron Gordon B-Huerter B-Bridges B-Clarke B-Divincenzo IL-Holmes
  8. It's Duncan Robinson sorry. I thought the 3's being elite gave it away. I just picked him up but he's pretty good. I need better point guards is what i need because Lavert and Ingles are no sure things but I like them. I'm stretching it with Kemba, Lavine, Lavert and Ingles being my main assist guys. Donte really helps in steals. The way my team is now it's hard to drop anyone. Nance may blow up and be really good. He was my drop though because I am pretty good in rebounds and he doesn't really beast in any one category. He's been just average so far. Love gets traded he's good. He's not bad right now but there are better players for sure. It's basically Nance or Robinson it sounds like. I could drop Clarke but again he's better than Nance right now and may be going forward too. I'll probably just leave Levert on the IL but I don't really want to do that. He should be good to go. Holmes may take a dip too. I don't know. he's been top 12. Someone is going to fall off a cliff.
  9. I was thinking Nance but you are making me think. I am trying to trade too. I really need assists and don't need so many players liek clarke, gordon, nance etc. Trying to make my team more well rounded.
  10. With Levert coming back. I'm thinking Nnce or Robinson but Robinson's 3's are special and Nance should get going if Love is traded. My team is starting to play well and not many guys to drop right now. It's Nance or Clarke. I think I prefer Clarke and Ingles is no sure thing yet either but I need assists. PG-Kemba SG-LAvine G-Levert when he comes back SF-Tatum PF-Embiid C-Sabonis C-Turner Util-HOlmes Util-Robinson B-Ingles B-Brandon Clarke B-Nance B-Aaron Gordon B-Donte Divencenzo
  11. I offer Turner and Gallinari for Simmons and Parker. Is this a good trade for me? I can also offer gallinari for Jamal Murray straight up. Or even Lavine for Simmon. I want to keep Kemba and Tatum I think. I need to clean up the end of my bench too. Donte, White and Nance are all pretty bad for a 10 team. There isn't anyone I wouldn't trade on my team even Embiid. I think Kemba, Tatum and him are the core of my team though. Sabonis has been good. The rest of my team outside of Lavine and a few other guys needs work. I have Lavert coming back and could offer him up too I guess. Turner is a pretty good buy low so not sure if I want to trade him or not. Depending on trades as the season goes too. My team may end up better. PG-Kemba SG-Lavine G-Ingles SF-Tatum PF-Embiid F-GAllinari C-Sabonis C-Turner Util-Holmes Util-Aaron Gordon B-Brandon Clarke B-Coby White B-Donte Divenzo B-Nance IL-LAvert
  12. Nance is the guy who is annoying me the most. And Levert really. There were other players on the board I passed on because I took them in other leagues. I did that a lot this draft and think I still took the bpa in some spots. But point guard and assists has been a real problem. I started off with Kemba and Lavine but should have kept going. I could have taken Brogdon and Smart. And Murray and Jaylen Brown. The draft started off this way because I went with Kemba and Embiid with my first two picks and even that there were better players on the board I knew. Hopefully Tristan Thompson or Love get traded because there isn't much on waivers at this point. I missed Wagner and Jabari Parker last second too on waivers. Hopefully Divicenzo can find a role. He looks good but young. I have a lot of annoying players on my team right now but there is hope.
  13. I dropped Saric for Divincenzo instead. Still might add winslow. I had Schroder I dropped for Ingles. I had him for his 30 point game. He's too inconsistant though. Not that Winslow will do much better as far as being erratic, but will probably put up more the numbers i need as far as steals and assists Going to ride Ingles since he has games and might grab winslow for Williams or Ingles depending on how they do. Noel is out there too. I've thought of dropping williams for him but their numbers are the same. It's a matter of minutes and development and who knows who will be better. Feel silly passing on a top 40 player though when my team needs help. I've basically been cycling point guards all year when I should have drafted earlier, instead of taking Aaron Gordon and Gallinari maybe. I had Schroder, Fultz, Ntilinkina, now Ingles and White and Donte. I don't know if I'm improving anything. Holmes was the one pickup I've made that's been consistent.
  14. I picked up Jingles because I need games this week with Winslow out plus I need more than just winslow as far as assist guys. yeah I figuer the drop is Williams, Saric or even Holmes. Williams Ive been holding because all it takes is Theis to end up out of the rotation or someone to sit. I don't think Saric or Holmes has that upside. Waivers are real thin there is very little out there with any upside. I'm looking at the Cauley Steins of the world.
  15. Waivers are thin and I need someone who can put up numbers on my bench. I just picked up Ingles but not expecting much. My bench has been a mess all year although trying to sort it out. Saric, Holmes and White are all recent adds but not against dropping. pg-kemba sg-lavine g- sf-Tatum pf-embiid f-Gallinari C-turner C-Sabonis Util-Nance Util-Gordon B-Coby White B-Ingles B-Saric B-Holmes B-Robert Williams IL-Levert
  16. Pick a couple out of this bunch. Coby White Langston GAlloway Schroder Glenn Robinson III Satoransky Derrick White
  17. This is my fear. Michel seems due and it's a big game. Burkhead has been stealing his carries though and it may be him that has the big game or both. The pats are probably going to throw the ball around a lot as well. I feel like Michel should be due for a big game though. He's become a forgotten man and the pats usually work that way and just go with who is producing at that moment so if Michel comes in and starts doing well they will keep giving it to him.
  18. Missed out on Parker last night. Would he be a nice consolation? Would you drop Fultz or Schroder for him?
  19. Just looking at my draft. This is a celtics league so I take celtics and tried to give my team more 3 point shooting this year. I'm looking at my draft and had i just gone bpa my team could have looked like this. I didn't really like how my draft was going. embiid/kawhi kemba/doncic tatum/tatum turner/simmons lavine/middleton gordon/hayward gallo/brogdon sabonis/Ingram levert/dejounte murray nance/jaylen brown Fultz Schroder White Robert Williams I'm pretty close on points, rebounds, blocks, lower turnovers and more 3's. But tanking assists and steals. And hurting my field goal percentage. I've since picked up Fultz and Schroder which is basically nullifying any advantage I had in turnovers. Embiid's games played and Turner so far is also concerning. It's more based on averages because I'm really getting hurt in those categories. My team is kind of in the middle because I'm not taking the best or worst player. I'm just sort of in the middle. I could drop Fultz and Schroder for more rebounding and blocks and field goal percentage. I'd just be tanking assists. Obviosly bpa easier said than done too when last year most of the guys i was drafting had better years but those are the guys I had deemed as break outs at those picks. Slow going so far as those guys are off to hot starts and mine are kind of middling. I could offer up some trades I guess. Or remain patient.
  20. First time doing this. Someone dropped Mitchell Robinson in a league I'm in. We have standard $100 budget and I want to make sure I get him. Should I bet 35 40 percent or more? Is someone going to outbid me on someone like Robinson. I have no clue why he was dropped but it happens. Am I totally clueless here? Is it just a maximum so i should bid the max to ensure I get him?
  21. It seems like assists are hard to come by this year. It's the one category I'm really tanking this year and I usually don't.
  22. Dejounte Murray. I like him too but I don't know if i should even try for that right now. He's playing really well too. Not getting 3's but the assists are there.
  23. I need assists is the thing and SGA is not doing too well so far in that and might not be great this year as far as assists. I don't know. He is the closest value to what I think I could maybe get for Gallo. I could try for Murray but I think I'm losing that. Maybe not. Gallo has a fairly low floor.
  24. Who do you think will have the better year? I could use a point guard but Gallo is pretty good so far in OKC. Is this a no brainer trade though?