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  1. think i should trade him and Ingles for Ayton??
  2. i've been back and forth between him and curtis samuel. now i don't even want to watch the game lol. i'm stickin w samuel.
  3. Ppr i get Saquon and Ashlon give up aaron Jones Tyrell Williams with barklay expected to return sooner then expected and aaron jones being mediocre (jamaal will be back and continue to split) i love this trade. Ashlon also being greater then Tyrell who has been pretty td dependent. just don't see how he keeps td rate up
  4. ppr torn on who to start at flex -James washington (love the connection with Mason -Fuller (will explode eventually) -Curtis Samuel (who knows w Cam out) - Hardman (mahomes nuff said) - Waller (reliable 8pts)
  5. for anyone that uses yahoo platform you can put him in IR spot, certainly with the gold either way but i'm putting him in IR and picking up best player available
  6. zeke is signing this weekend
  7. i'm in this boat w my draft monday. , my league is a bunch of whiners, 11 pick offered me to trade but league voted not to alllow draft trade picks. obnoxious, with that said i'm leaning towards Nuk or Adams HOWEVER am also debating Chub. I have high confidence Chub will be a top 3 rb through 1st 10 weeks which will help me reach playoffs, and i see no reason why coaching staff would lighten his load when Hunt comes back if he's doing that well with touches. Chubb more the risk reward pick, Adams safest pick. Aaron Rodgers will throw atleast 10 more tds then his 25 last year, Adams will benefit
  8. love this team. don't sweat the wr core you have great rbs and top Te
  9. thanks for the feedback. i knew i would be hurting at wr going w Kelce in 1st and couldn't pass up kerryon at end of 3rd. Godwin was a must have player for me this year, and looking back arob and Fuller both with big past injuries is scaring me.
  10. ppr 12 teams pick 11 1. Kelce 2. Chubb 3.Kerryon 4. Godwin 5. Melvin Gordon 6. Allen Robinson 7. Will Fuller 8. Curtis Samuel 9. Winston 10. deion Lewis 11. Justin Jackson 12. Kyler Murray 13.Justice Hill 14. vikings D 15 Jake Elliot 16. Devante Parker 17. Ty Montgomery