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  1. I think i would stand pat. Digga is your only healthy WR so I wouldnt trade him.
  2. Godwin vs Lockett Non PPR. Is it close?
  3. Mahomes should always be your starter unless he's on the bye.
  4. Will Davis have any value when CMC comes back?
  5. Give Ben and Godwin Receive Watson and Deebo Does this help my team? Standard league. Thanks!
  6. Fulgham this week. https://forums.rotoworld.com/forum/26-assistant-coach-help-forum/
  7. No, Claypool is a stud... Look elsewhere.
  8. Try same deal but take Dobbins instead. Slayton for Dobbins and Shenault.
  9. Brown, no question! https://forums.rotoworld.com/forum/26-assistant-coach-help-forum/
  10. Akers won't help you. I would aim for Swift or maybe Dobbins(if you think he takes over after the bye).