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  1. Either Gesicki or Williams. They have a matchup with Seattle so they’ll be playing catch up. Fitz will throw a ton.
  2. I would push for that money as well but I wouldn’t compare their records. texans went up against the top 3 teams in the afc (kc, Baltimore, Pitt). Bills did beat the rams but they also beat two garbage teams (Miami and New York).
  3. I’m forced to pick between him and Lazard this week because of injuries. I like that he’s been in the slot quite a bit. Just unsure with how brees has played so far.
  4. Im wondering the same thing. I think he has a decent chance to have a solid game. Valdez-scantling will get the downfield throws but I feel like Lazard will be the possession receiver of the game. He’ll get a lot of targets running routes between 8-15 yards.
  5. I think he’ll have a solid game but, nothing overpowering. He’s gonna rely on Aaron Jones a bit more. My guess would be something like 250 yards passing, 2 tds, and no interceptions.
  6. Absolutely you should take it. You’re getting a clear upgrade at running back and your receiver depth is good too. Also Brown is a decent floor play too. Take it.
  7. .5 pot Davante is out and my bench option is hurt as well. Who would you add and start? Hogan, Lazard, Berrios, Hamler, or Tre’quan Smith??
  8. Soak it in boys. We’ve got ourselves a stud. If he helps me win my league then I’ll buy his jersey. I’m happier than a nun in a cucumber patch.
  9. Anyone picking him up with crowder likely out again?
  10. Dropping Stafford. Who should I pick up? Options are Minshew, Tannehill, or Roesthlisberger.