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  1. PPR, 15 receiving yards = point, 10 rushing yards = point. Does this trade help my team? Before trade After Trade QB-Big Ben QB-Ryan RB-D Johnson RB-Bell RB-Mack RB- Johnson WR-Beckham WR-Julio WR-Watkins WR-Watkins TE-Kittle TE- Kittle Flex- Ertz Flex- Crowder/DJax
  2. Congrats to all the league winners out there. This season was a crazy one.
  3. My roster is the worst. IDP, 12 team PPR Wilson Jeffery lockett Cook D.Williams Kittle McGuire Lutz Adams Bosa Leonard. My picks were Hunt, Cook, Fitz, Freeman, Russell, K Johsnon, Funchess, Jeffery, Neal, Lee, Pierre-Paul, R Jones 2, Cobb, Garcon, Parker, I was 2-6 with Cook Hurt and no WRs and managed to turn this team into a championship rosterwith Anderson and fitz on the bench. 1000 bucks to me so im celebrating.
  4. Golliday for sure. Hes going to get his targets and his upside could be 8 for 100 and a TD.
  5. Give me Foles. Hes got great weapons around him.
  6. Mack, DWilliams, Edleman, I think Edleman is going to have a big game with Gordon freshly out.
  7. DJ and Michel. The only 2 you can count on for production.
  8. I would go with Anderson. Hes building off 2 good games with Darnold and Ballage is going up against a good defense.
  9. You should be play Baker if Hopkins sits or doesnt look 100% in warmups. And Baldwin over Mcguire.
  10. If those are your only options then Everett is the best one. 7 targets each of the last 2 weeks so there is some level of usage in the offense.
  11. Fournette wasnt even on the field in the 2nd half and they wont risk their best offensive player in a lost season. I think McGuire is the much better pick because you know the carries will be there. Probably a lock for 12 points PPR. I could however see Fournette getting 11 carries for 75 yards and 2 TDs just because how bad the defense is for the Dolphins.
  12. I would play Baker. That offense would really be hurting against the Eagles D without Hopkins and Miller.
  13. I dont normally let who I have for QB affect my WR play however this week might be different. The guy im facing clearly has a better team than me this week so I might be having to go big this week. I have Wilson as my QB and these are my WRs I can play. PPR Alshon Jeffery vs HOU Robby Anderson vs GB Tyler Lockett vs KC or play all 3 and bench Mcguire. Should I play Lockett because I have Wilson or play the other 2?
  14. I wouldnt be worried about Edelman. Hes a must start for you. However I would play Samuels in your TE spot if hes eligible in your league and Conner is hurt. Gronk has been really bad this year and this Patriots offense isnt the same as it used to be. If Ware is out this week again. Otherwise think thats the correct lineup.