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  1. It's the first thread, no idea what people itf are doing
  2. Giants got ridiculous calls the entire quarter lmao
  3. My opponent and I have the sorriest group of running backs in the league this week and I outbid him for Scott 😎
  4. pdog I tried I'm sorry, I'll tell Tracy you loved her
  5. If the Eagles run the clock down, timeouts won't do them any good. This is what 20 years of analytics have taught us, time is more important. Granted, the Giants are morons and will probably lose the game on some pass over the middle.
  6. Why wouldn't they? There's a minute left, the Eagles have plenty of time to score otherwise. All they can do with the clock is to preserve it.
  7. Anybody would've gotten injured in that situation, it was a dirty play, your comment makes no sense
  8. 21 seconds to snap the ball in the "hurry-up" lol, Wentz is a clown
  9. Sure, it's DeSean's fault that he got hit a second after he was down and had a guy hyperextend his leg
  10. If this game doesn't end in a brawl imma be so disappointed