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  1. What's the tl;dr version? That Canada is proud of doing more than America with less? They should be.
  2. Literally every NBA champion in history has had luck on their side
  3. Who exactly do you think had a chance to beat them in the past 5 years? What a ridiculous excuse.
  4. What do you mean, "perimeter-wise". Off-ball? Jordan was one of the best players in history at jumping passing lanes, that's why he's #3 all-time in steals. LeBron is elite at it too, but Jordan has him on and off. As for the latter part of your post, whether or not LeBron takes plays off is irrelevant. It's deliberate in order to save himself to carry his teams up and down the court in the playoffs every year. And with a postseason off and a supporting cast that isn't one of the worst in the NBA, he would've been one of the best defenders in the league again April-June. The Laker hate in this thread is comical, yet again. Kawhi gets invoked, yet he didn't play any defense last postseason either. Why? He knew he'd be too busy carrying his team's offense all postseason long, just like LeBron did all decade. But when he needed to lock in for the Bucks series, he did, because it was what his team needed in order for him to win the series. When Finals MVPs take plays off, it's because they have a better idea how to maximize their effort than a bunch of guys hovering over their keyboards. He's still not as good of a defender as Jordan was, though.
  5. Because your idea was ridiculous and was contingent on literally any of those teams thinking that Wiggins has any value
  6. News flash, no superstar free agent is ever moving to Toronto, let alone a 25-year-old soon-to-be back-to-back MVP.
  7. What a bunch of nonsense, especially the part about Capela not fitting into today's game. Not every team has to have KAT (nor should they want to). Capela is elite at all phases of the pick and roll (people like you don't understand what that does to a defense, and how it creates better 3-point looks), very good for a center at defending it and very good at rim protection. At his age and with a reasonable deal with a few years on it, he's one of the best assets in the NBA that isn't on a rookie deal.
  8. Right answer lol, dude has been owned in most leagues for the entire season
  9. This guy is a strong stream. Beware the small sample size, but he's been a great (especially for a non-center) per minute guy all year, especially with the 3s and 92% ft%.
  10. There are no rumors, this is probably the best season of his career and he's still garbage at anything - like setting screens - that doesn't have a column in the box score. Except for assists, he sucks at those too. https://twitter.com/NekiasNBA/status/717517752764932097 Portland is last in the NBA in offensive boards allowed. If you've watched a Blazers game this year (or a Heat game in the last decade) you know why. https://streamable.com/umsf?t=2.2 He's one of the worst bigs in the entire league at boxing out. I love the dude, he's leading my team to a potential fantasy championship. He's also a lazy cancer and I want him nowhere near my irl team.
  11. Doncic missed 4 games earlier in the year (probably a bit longer this time). Brunson's numbers in the span: He's a must-add in all leagues.
  12. Played two scrub teams in a row; I still stan but you shouldn't be happy about these games, in preseason they would've been the expectation. Just keep it in check.
  13. What inbounds? Dude dropped it on the floor. What do you expect Crowder to do? Maybe the Knicks should try playing basketball. It may be 3 months too late (or 3 years too late) but this situation wouldn't have happened in the first place.
  14. Pretty pathetic argument to try to perpetuate 48 hours later. I posted a fact, you have no nits to pick.