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  1. Pretty pathetic argument to try to perpetuate 48 hours later. I posted a fact, you have no nits to pick.
  2. They're showcasing Mahinmi, they suck and have no incentive to push a young player coming off of an injury, and he's just coming off of a back-to-back. Am I sold on him paying out preseason expectations ROS? Of course not. But I also have expected 0 from him since he's gotten back on the floor. Assuming they aren't blowouts, let's see if he gets minutes / plays well the next couple games. Hawks, then Bucks, and not what you'd expect. Hawks are average against centers, Bucks are the worst team in the league per BM. If he's still struggling after those outings, it might be time to adjust expectations.
  3. Yeah, you ought to. That's not what he's talking about, wise a**. There's a difference between dropping a struggling name and a guy like Duncan Robinson. If you're an active owner, you can stream fringe guys all season long without thinking twice about it. If you drop a guy like Lonzo and he drops a triple double, someone in your league is claiming him and then he's balling out for the next 2+ months.
  4. In the NFL, the idea was originally supposed to be: Probable - 75% chance to play Questionable - 50% Doubtful - 25% Basketballmonster keeps track of these player by player. Generally useful. Not really relevant for Bryant. He's 1-for-1 in games listed as questionable.
  5. When all of their centers are back? Not particularly concerned.
  6. I do, he played plenty with Beal in Beal's most recent game. They were the top 2 guys on the team in minutes.
  7. Not even close lol. Trying to move him again while he's hot for a Top 35 guy but people know better. I wasn't quite expecting what I've gotten from him this year; the FG% has been incredible.
  8. Nah he just got off to a rough start this year, people that don't own him don't know what he's been doing the past couple weeks. boards and defense are down, but literally everything else is improved on the season (including turnovers, where he was going through a real rough patch right before it). If he keeps this up he should easily put up the top 60 overall numbers (with rarer stats) that myself and many were hoping to get out of him when we drafted.
  9. Is that the guy that hyped him to the point that you ended up drafting him? The guy that defended holding him for the first two months of the season when he was losing minutes to Nick Batum and playing like absolute garbage?
  10. Your question belongs in the Assistant Coach forum. Doum has been added in pro leagues since the first game he played over 2 minutes, his ownership rate isn't even moving much from today simply because of how widely owned he already is.
  11. Whoa whoa whoa. That may be where he's ranked in real leagues, but where is he in @magic32's per game rankings?
  12. Save your money and spend it on entering a competitive league next year