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  1. Rawls and Lacy = Hot Garbage. They could do well in CFL like Trent Richardson
  2. Never read "Expert Articles" Trust your gut
  3. How is Lacy still getting carries in the NFL? Why do the Seahawks keep wasting plays by running into a brick wall? Keep the defense honest lmao
  4. The way the WR Corps is looking without DJ and Garcon, TE and 3rd down RB might be the spots to own in this passing game. I own Reed and Davis. I'm actually comfortable starting Davis when Reed misses another game. Hope he shows flashes of his niners days
  5. Hopefully Cunningham isn't just going to be a thorn in the side of this RBBC. I think Trubisky can mix things up and keep the opposing D's on their toes a bit. Otherwise no bear will be worth starting this year. Glennon is JAG
  6. Wish I'd of swooped this guy after week 1. He passed the eye test for me the first game and I could tell ol Pete liked him. My dumb a** playing Rawls in the flex in the Championship last year left a bad taste for me regarding SEA RB's but he clearly isn't Rawls..
  7. I I'm with you. I drafted him because he is in a good spot but dropped him after last game for other needs and I'm stacked at WR. I get the feeling like I may regret it in a few weeks tho
  8. I have Reed, Engram and dropped Davis after last game in hopes he'd still be there on waivers if need be before the Monday Nighter.Tough decision whether to just roll with Engram or chance it going into MNF. Yahoo, so I can drop someone for Davis right before the game if Reed doesn't go
  9. Jordy dropped a couple last night but had he caught them it might have changed the game script later on. Can't complain if your guy scores 2 TD's. Imagine if it was a high scoring game and Rodgers actually had to feed him more. Those games are on the horizon..
  10. Brissett might actually move the chains and help the team score enough to maybe make Baldwin worth playing. I just fear a 12-6 game where Seattle just runs the clock out. I have C. Thompson as a flex backup in case I get a bad feeling before the Sunday Nighter..
  11. Derrick "Next Bo Jackson" Henry 110/2 TD's this week! Sorry, His thread is locked for no reason as his game isn't in progress ?