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  1. I saw enough from Shady in their last game to be fairly confident he'll the lead back and Darrell will handle 3rd downs. Anything can happen, but that was the plan after Damien went down. There is no reason to change it. Plus Shady looked like the most explosive of the 3 and has a long relationship with Reid.
  2. I'm going Shady, but that's because I'm already starting 2 Browns (Baker/OBJ, superflex). Don't know what I'd do in a different situation. That PIT D is good and the game is going to be intense. But, at the same time, the Browns backfield is more predictable. Pretty even in my opinion.
  3. This feels overblown. He had the injury in week 11. 11 targets and 9 catches in that game and the week after. Typically injuries get better with time and rest. Practiced on Friday, telling reports, "See you on Sunday" after. Team also optimistic he'll play.
  4. Matt Ryan sucks. Gage still came through. Could've had a bigger day, but I can live with a better day than Thomas, Cooper, or Ridley had this Thanksgiving.
  5. Made the mistake of not starting him last game. Not doing it again. He's a legit QB2 at least (2 QB league).
  6. Had to decide between Carr and Tannehill in my 2 QB league. I thought the Jets D was burnable and the Titans would run it all game given the Jags run D. 98% of experts agreed. And now my season is hanging by a thread. Brutal.
  7. At this point, even if he is a decoy, he'll be in the RZ unless he's on a very limited snap count. That's as good a shot as you'll get for a TD from your TE. '
  8. I really doubt Shanahan would put Kittle out there if he wasn't close enough to 100%. They REALLY like Dwelley. And it's not like they've had trouble scoring while Kittle was out. Actually, their passing game has taken off. Call it an intuition, but everything I've heard/read is that the plan was to play it super safe with Kittle. Well it's been over 3 weeks. Unless it's a major injury (see Hooper), that's a lot of time.
  9. Is there any hope here? May be forced to start him with injuries and byes. He wasn't completely taken out of the gameplan with 9 touches and he WAS a quality depth piece before the QB change. (reaching)
  10. If he misses any practice time, I am not expecting Kittle to suit up. Simple. And, tbh, that sounds like he's going to be held out of practice. Another week of spinning the TE wheel. Got lucky so far (Rudolph, Dwelley). Can't go with Dwelley again. He was saved by TDs against a (historically?) terrible defense for the position. So I guess it'll be Ryan Griffin for this week and the next if it comes to that.
  11. Earlier in the season, the few times he was actually thrown crosses (Broncos game), he would drop routine passes. Not super often, but noticeable. And even on the deep catches, it's never only a question of if it was an accurate throw. It's also a question of if he will hold onto it. You saw that early in the last game on his first target. And it happened on his best TD chance this season against the Packers. I may be a little harsh. He does can/does make an assortment of contested catches. But, to me, it feels like the percentages are 50/50 if he will hold onto the ball. I expect to feel more confident when a WR with good hands has an accurate ball hit him.
  12. The real question is what to do with this KC backfield. I have all 3, and picking the 1 or 2 to keep will be tough. McCoy went from healthy scratch and last minute pickup to the lead, Damien was in the lead the last 2 weeks, and Darrell is always seemingly in the no. 2.
  13. They don't use him in the RZ. He's simply a deep threat in this offense, which is stupid. I don't think he's great or anything (his hands are very questionable IMO), but he's on the field so they should use for more than one trick. His scouting report is probably 1 paragraph for the defenses he faces.
  14. Is Darrel Williams the handcuff? Or is it McCoy?
  15. I think the real question is if they want a workhorse or a split backfield. If it's the former, I suspect we're good. If it's the latter, we can point to the fumble as the reason why Williams didn't seize the role. Though I don't see how giving more backs touches will solve the TO issue and it's not like Williams has a history of fumbling. The writing on the wall is still in favor of Williams I guess, but additional smoke (personal? questionable?) is unnerving.