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  1. I know my team is in fire when Marcus Smart of all people can't miss a shot
  2. I picked him up as a points streamer last week but he’s been too good to let go back to waivers. Hope he can keep up the consistency ros.
  3. Same situation here. Just think that your team is getting third round value while he’s healthy basically for free. If he can give you 40-50 games of that then it’s all gravy. Meanwhile haters like @JormaJormala can keep crying those salty tears while he’s killing it.
  4. At least he will have more court time without usage hog DLO
  5. Back and filing up that box score, as per usual. Talks of his demise were greatly exaggerated.
  6. I just wish Brooks would ramp his minutes up like a normal coach rather than ramping his minutes down the second game smh
  7. Sexton has been quietly ranked in the top 50 this month and top 40 over the last 2 weeks. He's looking more comfortable playing off the ball with Garland running the team and his three point shooting and steals are up. His calling card is still efficient scoring, 21.2 points on .477/.852 splits this month. It's only his second season so hopefully the improvement with Garland continues and he starts changing his reputation a bit. He's becoming somewhat of a (very) poor man's Devin Booker.
  8. I guess the injury wasn't too serious? Still, I'd rather they not rush Favors back as reinjury to a hamstring could be disastrous.
  9. Hope Omari sticks in the starting lineup. He can fill up that box score in a hurry.
  10. I’m all aboard the Omari train after picking him up last night. But I appreciate you expressing an opposing viewpoint in a measured way backed up by facts, rather than the usual “hurr durr this guys is trash!” that we usually get around here.
  11. Nah I got him free on waivers and in a roto league with a games cap so I can plop him now my bench right now. Easy top 50-75 production when he’s playing which is difficult to just replace on waivers.
  12. He's on my wire and I'm tempted to pick up to replace Favors. Are the last couple of games the result of his ankle injury? Anyone watching have some insight on whether he is playing compromised?