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  1. I guess they mean by a WR with the ball in his hands, lol. Both of these dudes are such freaks, insane they were on the same college team
  2. That was brutal. I figured I was good to go, ahead by 8 pts with the Rams D. My opponent has the Bears D. That fumble recovery for TD meant a 12 point swing - 8 for him, me losing 4 for pts against. Fantasy gods can be cruel
  3. Need the game to end now, I have Rams D and opponent has Bears D, I'm up 85.9 vs 84.9
  4. No one is a decoy without actually proving that they can be productive. This situation will continue to evolve
  5. He had 51 snaps vs 65 and 59 for Juju and DJ, respectively. Washington only had 18. Agree that it will be interesting to see how this evolves, 60% target share across 2 WRs seems unlikely to continue.
  6. NFL GMs aren't going to be trading based off one game's performance, unlike fantasy managers
  7. I don't disagree with anything you said, except for this - he lasted one game in NE. He's a nice grab for anyone off waivers of course, but he could also just go off the deep end at any point.
  8. Ben threw the ball 22 times last week - no one is going to have 10 targets with that volume. This offense can def support 2 starting WRs, and Juju is clearly the odd man out. I see DJ likely as a higher floor play, while Claypool will have the higher ceiling.
  9. They're taking up one of their own roster spots by not moving him to IR, so if they view this as a definite 3+ week absence then IR would be a no brainer. My league doesn't have any injury spots so it makes no impact on me, obv I get why others would be really annoyed at this.
  10. At least my hopes are non-existent now because he doesn't even get the targets. My league hardly has warm bodies available so I'm on this pain train with you guys. Choo choo!
  11. I don't worry much about the backfield competition because we've seen all of these backs in extensive action, except for Hasty, and I think it's clear Mostert is materially better. We're all speculating re: timeline, but if he doesn't go on IR that has to be a positive signal because there'd be no reason not to put him there if he was definitely going to be out for at least 3 games.
  12. If they don't put him on IR, that would definitely be positive sign. Fingers crossed that perhaps he suffered a less severe sprain and they hope he can be back in 3 games. If he won't be fully healthy then I'd rather him sit out through the bye week and come back 100%.
  13. Fair re: CMC, but Barkley was drafted higher than MT and he's done so he'll certainly end up a bigger bust than MT.