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  1. Raymond Summerlin wrote the waiver columns, be he has also left RW to take a hiatus from the the industry for at least this season. 🙁
  2. I play in a 10 team Half PPR. My average weekly score is less than 95, while everyone else is comfortably above 100. Twice I have scored less than 85. My record is 6-2, good for 2nd place as of now
  3. I had a similar procedure done back when I used to play soccer. I had a small piece of cartilage floating around in my knee that was bothering me. I remember after the scope and removal was done, I was back on the field in just over 3 weeks. At the time I was in my early 30's, so I could see the possibility of Mixon just sitting out a couple games
  4. Was a few keystrokes away from picking up Peyton Barber this morning after finding out he was going to be the starter as I needed an RB plug in for this week. Psyched myself out of it after reading a few articles and twitter posts that a Barber/Quiz timeshare wouldn't produce against a decent GB run D. Picked up and played Devonte Booker instead. Lost by 7 and am now officially out of the playoffs
  5. I need 12 from Baldwin. Definitely doable, but would of been easier if Jake Elliott didn't leave the game
  6. Rivers on bye and I'm in a league full of QB hoarders. I have to rely on McCown to lead me to victory this week
  7. I need CJA to score 27.5. Basically a pipe dream
  8. Huge apology, for some reason I was thinking Cooper as Cooper Kupp. No to this trade for sure, and no more of me answering any of these after night shift
  9. I would. Looks like a good buy low on Crowder, plus I think Cohen will be involved in the pass game in CHI with all the injuries they have had plus Howard's ineffective pass catching.
  10. I would stand pat for now. It looks like CJA will have a large role in DEN at which you may be able to sell a bit higher later if you are really looking to get rid of him. Thanks for helping with mine
  11. I would. Cohen will factor in the passing game
  12. I would do the trade. Rodgers is hard to say no to. Thanks for helping with mine
  13. 10 person league, standard scoring. I am one of those unlucky ones who lost DJ over the weekend. As I am looking for a semblance of a replacement for him, would I be overpaying by sending away Michael Crabtree for Doug Martin or is this a good deal? I do have Jacquizz on my roster to fill in for Martin's lost time My other WR's are Baldwin, Michael Thomas, Garcon, Crowder My other RB's are CJA, Ingram, Abdullah, Forte and the aforementioned Jacquizz
  14. I'm holding. Either try to squeak into the playoffs without him and have him come back, or trade him for some usable assets to try and get your way into the playoffs later in the season