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  1. FG: B- Your first two picks set you up nicely for high fg%, but you elected for low percentage high volume shooters in Trae, Morant, RoCo, etc. I don't see you winning fg% consistently. FT: C I would have punted fg%, not sure if you were going for that. Don't see you being at the bottom of the barrel in ft% since the rest of your team shoots a decent ft%, but not high enough to negate the poor ft shooting from gobert and giannis who will be at the line enough to hurt you. 3PT: B+ One of your stronger cats, and you should win this most weeks, especially if Greek shoots more 3s this year. PTS: C Outside of Giannis and Trae, no one else is a threat to put up 25+ ppg on a nightly basis, and that's going to hurt you here. REBS: B- Greek and Gobert will be the main contributors to this cat, so if they each have 3-4 games a week you should win this. BroLo doesn't really rebound consistently. Same goes for Milsap and Zubac. AST: C Outside of Giannis and your PGs, no one else contributes to this cat, especially your bigs. STL: B Lord Covington is primed for a big year. If he goes down, you're in big trouble here. BLK: A Easily your strongest cat, you should win this every week. TO: Tossup in my book.
  2. G-Leaguer who was with Lakers 2nd half of last season. Lakers waived him to make room for KCP. Great defender, not so great offensively
  3. Ever more reason to drop him with Morris back Friday. Thanks for the ride Oubre.
  4. Nice 3pt streamer... uptick in steals is a fluke and keep in mind this is all without GR3
  5. Anyone see what happened? 2 mins, obvious got injured but I can't find out what or how Edit: NEVERMIND He's all good folks, just foul trouble.
  6. He's their best defensive forward... lack of an offensive game, but his defense will keep him on the court.
  7. Obviously wait for an official statement, but I'd assume he's going to be out for a while.
  8. Looking for replacement owner. 2nd year redraft league. Standard 9-cat h2h
  9. Boban is a per36 monster, but he's still behind Drummond. Between WCS and Dedmon, I'd go with WCS. Muscala is gonna eat some of Dedmon's mins, and there's really no one behind WCS except Koufas. As inconsistent as WCS was last year post Cousins, he showed that he could put up massive statlines with great fg%. Only thing you'd have to worry about is his poor ft%.