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  1. just to point out, that yesterday roco and saric were absent for phili...though i agree with you, in the comparisson with the warriors. buttler and embiid will be the kd,curry and simmons the glue guy like green.I've even believe that fultz will fit better next to buttler.
  2. kanter is a young guy, his role is safe until kristaps returns
  3. i dropped him for osman. i ve watched the orlando game and though i liked isaac on the time he was on the floor but i believe that the turk will have more usage on cleveland's offense. I am in a point league so that's my main priority...
  4. no, i drafted bazemore as my 10th pick, on 14 teams, 11 roster squads points league. i am looking for possible alternatives. i remember lamb doing very well on the start of the previous year before the injured return for charlote
  5. i am not sure that tatum will be the second option on Boston's offence when hayward is on top form again. And the golden state is a different case where all the value offensively is on the 3 superstars and green filling all the voids. On Boston, after irving,hayward,tatum,horford there are morris,rozier,brown,smart who all have a part on boston's offence...We ll need more games to see how all of them stand.
  6. too much depth on boston's roster, they ll all have ups and downs...