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  1. #1 WR who has a ton of talent in a pass happy offense and it's nothing but disappointment and minor injuries so far. Also Fitzpatrick spreads it around to like 10 different targets, what a frustrating situation. Could be a good buy low, but I'm just hoping he can find some consistency in the second half of the season. Games against The Jets are not good barometers for what a team is really like though so this week I can causally throw out.
  2. This is what we call a bye low window kids. 2 of his duds were because they were blow outs against abysmal teams. Thats not going to be the norm as the season continues on. Especially in the AFC north.
  3. He is a Mostert handcuff who will pop off for RB 3 value every here and there at random. Maybe more consistently if SF can find consistency as a team.
  4. I'd cautiously have plans ready for this upcoming weekend. This isn't just a case of one guy on one team. This is a team that had a case last week and still played, and now they have more. I'd expect the NFL to proceed with extreme caution here, and if this isn't a false negative it'll likely get pushed.
  5. Buy Low: Damien Harris. I know what you are thinking, he just had 100 yards in his first game, whats buy low? Check out his topic in these forums. People are talking about him like an RB3/4 guy with little upside because... Pats. But Pats running backs have been sneaky good for years, it's just never the same one year to year. haha. Damien Harris might be a RB2 who can possibly be had for a lot cheaper.
  6. So Mahomes gets a TD pass for that handoff he just did?
  7. I wonder if this game could go full garbage time by second half and we see Harris get some in game reps.
  8. Yes, you summed it up well in my opinion. White will always get 3rd down duties, hes reliable and still has juice. Right now 1st and 2nd Down duties are between Burkhead and Harris, and the hope of myself and many is that he will outpace Burkhead and become that high end RB2 we have seen the Pats produce in years past.
  9. The Cam thing is overblown. He ran with CMC for how many season with CMC getting tons of RZ work? And those teams weren't world beaters. If Harris is the real deal he's also got a lot of youth and speed on him, which is something White, Cam and Rex don't have a ton of. And White really is his own role on this team thats independent of what Harris can do here. I'm predicting that Harris will rise above Rex and Sony fast, and with Sony on IR that part will be simple. So now the question is can a star college prospect with a good coach manage to outplay Rex Burkhead... This isn't a bad bet to take.
  10. Yes. Probably not a Stash. Sony just got put on the IR.
  11. My team got burnt to a crisp. RB depth of: Barkley, Conner, Mostert, McKinnon, Hyde, Harris. Right now I've picked up Jamaal Williams to start out of desperation, but I think I'm leaning for the home run play of Harris. He could also get like 2 carries for -2 yards in a game the Chiefs are likely to dominate. But yeah. Its rough out there.
  12. Same difference in regards to what I'm saying. I think he is talented, and I think the offense is talented, but It's boom or bust with Larry Fitz/Kirk/Isabella all sharing the next WR role after Hopkins Vacuums up most targets. That's wildly inconsistent.
  13. Perfect game script to throw a lot, and he doesn't produce. Seems like a solid drop.
  14. This guy gets so many Red Zone targets and just doesn't have the points to show it. Frustrating as hell.