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  1. Welp lost both my playoff matches in the worst ways. I want to give a big thanks to the giants coaching staff and Barkley for this one. See you all next year. Troll out
  2. wow was down by 3 points and I have barkley and he has Goedert. I lose. Eli hasn't looked to Barkley at all for the dump passes. WTF
  3. I feel the opposite, whether McCoy is more healthy now or not I almost think Reid wants to use him more as COP. I think Reid wanted to use him as the lead earlier in the season, but discovered that he probably isn't the best to do so after several weeks of playing him. He's too loose with the ball, almost lost another fumble last week that he luckily recovered himself in the redzone and it wasn't like the defender tried super hard to knock it out and I feel pass protection is at high importance now with Mahomes kneecap which MCoy has also struggled with. Just my opinion of course.
  4. As bad as it was, it was more on game script. Baltimore is unreal right now. I'm definitely considering playing Gurley against the Cardinals and hoping he resumes the heavy load from the prior week. I think he's only playable against mediocre and worse teams.
  5. Quiet in here.... anyone thinking they'll feed him again this Monday against Baltimore?
  6. Trying to figure out my final flex (3 flex total) team 2 in sig .5 PPR Do we believe they will start feeding Gurley like last week? 25 carries.... Gurley vs BAL Ingram vs LAR
  7. Same here. It's killing me not to drop him, but I could take him 8th round next year, if he's in a good situation of course.
  8. Yeah he's a goner. I don't think it's worth it at this point for anyone to hold him even if they can, would you ever feel comfortable starting him after the numbers he's put up this season. Maybe he'll have one good game down the stretch, but will you be putting him in your line up to find out? There's been so many prime opportunities and they couldn't take advantage of any of them (e.g. Allen out for a few games, easy match ups, etc.) - it hasn't mattered.
  9. I wanted to believe different up till now, but I think you are hitting it on the head at this point. I agree with what he'll get in a contract offer as well, can't see it being big money without proving anything this season given his age and recent injuries. Now i'm just trying to hold on for keepers next year, drafted him in 9th this year so he'd be an option for 8th next. Hoping I can hold out, but we'll see with no IR.
  10. I'm starting him, but don't feel entirely great about it. Hope the revenge aspect plays into effect tonight.
  11. With Mahomes in, McCoy probably playing even less as his pass protection has not been good and protecting Mahomes will be a priority.