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  1. This is spot on. PIT will have to respect the titans balanced attack. They were stacking VS CLE making Mayfield beat them in the air which he cannot do. Pretty sure Henry wont score another 40 but he should be fine.
  2. I didn't see it, but I read that he was doing sprints on the sidelines afterwards, so it sounds like it's not too bad.
  3. Great points. I guess we will find out. Maybe at worst it evens out between goal line carries and passes then.
  4. He probably will receive less volume, but the volume he will get in KC is going to be more valuable. He is going to have more space to run without stacked boxes all the time. I have a bad feeling (as I am Mahomes owner) that they will also start running near the goal line more often with Bell as well. KC can also extend drives much better than the Jets, so his volume may not be reduced much at all even with splitting carries.
  5. It saddens me to say this, but does Mahomes value slightly go down with Bell signing? I can see them running inside the 10 more often now that they have a RB that is a legit threat near the goal line.
  6. I can see CEH mostly going to 3rd down role--he is only a rookie right now and has plenty of time to take over the backfield in the future and learn from a veteran. Even if bell only splits 50/50 (which is worst case scenario) he is gonna eat with Mahomes keeping defenses from stacking the box against him like he got with NYJ. His value skyrocketed. Maybe Bills would have been better, but this is SURE AS HELL better than full time role with NYJ. FYI I don't own shares of either players
  7. +61.9% jump in ownership in ESPN leagues after waivers. I can't recall the last time I've ever seen that big of a jump.
  8. I think Sanders and Brees are building some good rapport. He was looking Sanders way a lot. Smith was a ghost out there the past 2 games (granted he did catch 2 TD's on 4 targets vs detroit, but still only 4 targets). I'm not so sure Sanders falls too far once MT comes back. Brees might finally support 2 fantasy starting WR's.
  9. Yeah... not denying this, but the bears should realize my FF team is more important and roll with Monty.
  10. Agreeeeeed. He just took over as full 3 down back. Needs to stay this way.
  11. Is anyone still holding Ingram if he's your RB4, RB5, or above? [...] Can anyone talk me away from this? Does anyone see Ingram's latest game with double digit carries for the first time as a positive at all?
  12. In my regular 1 pt PPR league he's still behind Hopkins, Thielen, Ridley and DK Metcalf by a hair. You must have some other rules in play aside from PPR. He's not far behind #1 though, Hopkins is at 109.8 and Diggs is 98.9
  13. That was basically what I was getting at if people think he's gonna return to that close 40/60 split with Gordon or take more of a backseat now that Gordon was performing well while Lindsay was injured. Essentially I would be dropping Ingram for him. Seems like there might be a little more upside with Lindsay.