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  1. I like everything you had to say above. Could I message you with a question?
  2. Williams is out this week, Jones should have a huge game! If you play in week 17 or DFS.
  3. Saints might sign AB today! They automatically win the SB if both of them are on the field at the same time.
  4. Will he play a full game this week? If so, do you think he has a good game?
  5. Or Bench Perriman for A Rob.....I am so high on Perriman, maybe I am wrong?
  6. Bruhhh, really? Your life does not stop when Fantasy football is around it just gets more exciting on boring Sundays!
  7. Hello All My starting lineup is below, I need help with one WR slot. QB: Tanny RB: A Jones RB: Chubb WR: D Adams WR: Perriman TE: Kelce Flex: Aj Brown or A Rob? (read below) AJ Brown - I feel the Titans have a lot to play for and will play hard until the end A Rob - He is great do not get me wrong but they are playing in a meaningless game and who knows if he gets benched early and also he has Mitch throwing to him which he is not always good. K: M Gay DST: Packers Appreciate all feedback fellas.
  8. Week 17, trying to bring home the ship! BAL Vs. PIT? Baltimore is resting some starters and PIT will be playing they're hearts out, go with BAL or pass? GB Vs. DET? GB will be playing to win to hopefully lock up #1 seed, DET is bad, GB or pass? ATL Vs. TB? ATL will be against Winston (turnover king) but he also can put up a ton of points, ATL or pass? The above are the best 3 options I have in my league, thanks in advance!
  9. What about the Browns? I have Chubb so concerned there.