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  1. i think he'll settle somewhere in between. Not sure this type of production will be sustainable with KI back, but if keeps the momentum going he must be better than what we've seen with Kyrie so far.
  2. offensive blackhole, 0 defensive rebounding, poor court awareness. Watched him play over the last few games, he seems to have slightly figured it out. If he can somehow become Zeller backup, we know he's gonna produce.
  3. ok, much much better now. second good game in a row, no TOs. looks more confident.
  4. i'd say the former. He wants to play in his hometown tomorrow.
  5. he clearly looks way more comfortable out there, and his efficiency has been trending up. hope he keeps it up.
  6. need Gallo to be shipped out asap! unleash the beast
  7. committed his 4th foul with 9:55 to go in the 3rd, checked back in with 5 to go in the 4th.