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  1. LOL. Fine I'll tell you what you want to hear even though it is wrong. Sanders is better than Howard and will get all the carries going forward.
  2. Sounds like you've been watching the box scores or just don't know what it takes to be a runner in the NFL. Howard makes all the right reads and breaks tackles for positive gains. Miles isn't there yet. It's quite obvious if you know what you're seeing.
  3. It's not happening this year. Howard has looked far superior in the run game.
  4. As an Eagles fan who has watched every snap, you are dead wrong. Sanders could be the lead back next year. Not this year, sorry Sanders owners.
  5. That’s all fine and dandy expect for the fact that Howard is far better between the tackles no matter what you say.
  6. Because you don’t want your franchise qb running the ball? Hope this helps. Mahomes doesn’t take hits normally, I agree. Jackson on the other hand runs way too much and will get injured eventually.
  7. Flacco won a super bowl. Let me know when Lamar Jackson wins one.
  8. Good luck playing for as long as Brady taking all those hits!
  9. Brady is the blue print, not Lamar Jackson. Hope this helps.
  10. Stay down Williams! Hoping for an injury so McCoy's value rises.