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  1. Shanahan rode Mckinnon too hard and he just couldn't handle that load. Shanahan was quoted saying that he was tired and had to be smarter with how he uses him.
  2. Passes the eye test too. Makes things look easy out there. Could've had a great game had he connected on one of those redzone looks.
  3. That was the second attempt. Definitely went through his hands and his left foot stepped out as well. EDIT: Didn't see the post above that said the same exact thing and then some lol.
  4. Also it's important to remember that the Chargers are also 1-5. I think the game will be competitive and Robinson should have a decent chance at a TD.
  5. They move Fulgham all around the formation and I heard Coach Peterson say they(Giants) run primarily zone coverages so he shouldn’t be shadowed by Bradberry.
  6. Mckinnon may be nursing something at the moment because his production has fallen the past two games. I think he was dealing with a rib issue at one point this year. Hasty looked noticeably more explosive last week, that's for sure.
  7. It would be wise to stash him on your bench and see how he does this week.
  8. Looked explosive and shifty. I think he overtakes McKinnon, just my 2 cents and I own McKinnon.
  9. If you can sell high that might be the best route. I watched every carry from McKinnon and Hasty after Mostert went down and was impressed with Hasty. He seemed to be more explosive than McKinnon.
  10. Tds can be flukey but he is a big body who excels in the redzone.
  11. I think he was with Fitzpatrick too. He has caught a TD or a 2pt conversion every game but one so far this year. That type of redzone efficiency is no accident. He recently stated that he is starting to trust his knee more.
  12. WTF! I just lost by 2 to Drake! WTH are they doing playing their starters still!
  13. I don't think it's crazy. You can call me crazy though because I think this kid could be our wr 1 for this season and beyond. He flashes great talent with his ability to come down with jump balls and his strong hands. Had he come down with that Hail Mary we'd have a lot more people in here talking about him.