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  1. Probably happened in the locker room as he for sure hasn't been on the field.
  2. LoL Dobbins and Fuller combining for 0 points for me so far, on the day I lost Barkley. FF sucks.
  3. welp, if not today, probably not any time soon. to the end of the bench with him for me.
  4. woof. Glad I also drafted Dobbins, who was TD dependent. not feeling good right now.
  5. There's a reason I make a DND list. What I can't understand is why I don't stick to it.
  6. "Of course, Armstead landing on the list doesn't necessarily mean that he has contracted the coronavirus, but being placed on it does indicate that he either has it or has been exposed to someone who has tested positive."
  7. As a Giants fan who drafted Barkley, I'll take that over the constant Jones' fumbles.
  8. Almost but not quite: In my league the Rojo owner also has McCoy for some reason....
  9. Same, except #2 picked kamara. Giant smile on my face after that.
  10. I am okay with him. I drafted him 28th overall last year in 12 team half PPR. He finished 34th overall in league scoring and 13th if you remove QBs. He brought a steady floor on my league champion team. He hit double digit points in my league 2/3 of the time and outscored people drafted in the first round (though they were injured but it is still a third rounder out performing top ten picks so i will take it.) I'll take that as a RB2/ Flex. Reasonable expectations determines the level of disappointment down the road. If you want my reaction on Juju though.... well that's for another thread.
  11. That and on a team that is tanking, with no real incentive to try. I drafted Chark, but I am wary as hell.
  12. As a Giants fan, I can't see that happening, especially with Fumble Jones as QB.