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  1. seriously. that TD was the point gap between the final score for me and my opponent. Lattimore's impact noted for future seasons. Won't mind drafting Brown again though, but we'll see what the ADP is.
  2. I am personally hesitant. Seems dicey - he could re-injure (and I got burned by Fuller injury wise yesterday,) plus the Jaguars have not looked great lately. I don't trust MInshew.
  3. Pretty much everybody in this game is killing someone. It's not going right for anyone, well maybe is working for people with no Bucs or Texans on their roster.
  4. rotoworld blurb: "With a possible Wild Card berth in the cards exactly two weekends from now, Fuller will likely be kept away from wind and any loud noises to ensure he's ready to go for the postseason. " It's funny because he's in my lineup for the championship game . hahaha sigh.
  5. Wish i had started Watson over Fuller, but that was never in my gameplan. It would've been Watson over Tate/Chark. Instead I have a broken Fuller with 2 points and Watson's total growing on my bench,
  6. Imagine how us WInston-Fuller owners are doing.
  7. WHen you count the negative points Gay has over 7 more points than my Winston.
  8. double digit deficit means Winston's superpowers kick in, right?
  9. i believe the we have come to the you get bitten portion of riding the Winston dragon. sigh. it was a fun ride.
  10. I think if you own Fuller, it is to start him for games like this, that or to stop someone else from doing so.
  11. Going to stumble into the championship game the same way I stumbled into the playoffs.. flexing Ekeler and getting angry every time Gordon gets a 1 yd TD.
  12. I think you and I have different lights. He's had a few peaks, but a lot of valleys as well.
  13. how are people feeling? great opponent vs terrible target share. ugh
  14. I wish it wasn't the championship game and I wish it wasn't Saturday early. If I knew I was safe, I'd stack him with Winston and let the points fall where they may. Instead I have to make an early call to gamble. ugh
  15. yeah, kind of a bummer for this to be the championship week. none of my other WRs are guaranteed world beaters either. might have to do some serious coin flipping on sunday
  16. upside WR3? - man he must be in bad shape, just yesterday he was a WR2. LOL
  17. Winston is #5 QB in my league right now. Of the four in front of him, two of those QBs have had individual weeks worse than Winston's lowest week. I would have loved a higher floor with Winston, but one single digit performance week and one other 10 point week shows that his floor was pretty dang good. He has been more than a steady option with an obscene ceiling. Unless you have Jackson, Winston has been one o the top bets week to week.
  18. In my league TDs are worth more than penalties for turnovers so I am more than coming out ahead...
  19. Didn't realize this was a TB fan forum. As for me, I like the points he brings to my roster.