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  1. I'm very interested, especially with Otto's rough start so far this season. I think I need to another game or two.
  2. He's on the watchlist, but needs more minutes and reps. If he gets the minutes who knows what his production could be like as the season carries on.
  3. I'm considering the drop, but I'll hold for the moment. Although, dropping Jusuf seems enticing if not reactionary.
  4. Took a flier for tonight, mostly to stream, but very interested to see how he develops.
  5. I'm also wondering if he'll get any consideration for other positions like SF and or C. I have a hard time believing he'll strictly be considered a 4 from here on out.
  6. TJ was incredibly efficient for my squad last year before the head injury derailed his season (BUT NOT MINE ;)). I had to drop him to make some adjustments to my roster, but I want to see how a little more from him and another comp like Thad Young, and how they handle their new spots.
  7. I just got him last night in a trade for Horford and Wiggins. The ultimate goal was to dump Wiggins ASAP, so Horford had to be sacrificed. Initially, I was offered Bojan and Mike Conely for Horford and Wiggins...I'm wondering how that will look towards the middle of season, since most of these players are experiencing a new setting. No need to panic on Kemba's game...yet.
  8. I took a gamble and decided to pick him as one of my keepers, hoping for another big year!
  9. I already got a biter on an offer, Bojan and Conely for Horford and Wiggins. I think I'll bite it.
  10. I'm trying to push Wiggins out, so I sent an offer for Kemba in exchange for Wiggins and Horford. I initially got him to offer up Conely & Bojan Bogdanovic for Wiggins and Horford, but maybe I can squeeze some more?
  11. So i got stuck with him because the ESPN servers collapsed towards the last quarter of our draft and the last 4 spots were autofilled across the board. I can't get rid of him soon enough, but I'm going to have to package the sh!t out of this.
  12. I might have to drop with this being the first week of play offs and my team is already beat up as it is. What a bust this year.
  13. Urrrgh. What a nerve-racking experience for me this year. Guess I'll hold for now. oy.