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  1. I don't think it's all that far apart to be honest. But the perception is. You should keep Brown, you could probably trade him for Juju and something else people are that high right now.
  2. It seems so bizarre to me that the Lions have never had a competent running game alongside Stafford. Just seems like a dude who would keep the boxes unstacked at all times.
  3. Not worth it in my opinion. You're going to find by about round 6, probably earlier, that the dependable talent is gone and you've barely rounded out a starting lineup, let alone put together a roster deep enough to handle the inevitable injuries that will occur. All good having 2 superstars but if you've got to fill the rest of the team with crap your weekly points total isn't going to be any better than it otherwise would have been, and you've put your eggs in a much smaller basket.
  4. I'd take Hardman. Give me a career with Mahomes over the Steelers QB sitch over the same period.
  5. QB in the 4th to me is the worst place to take one.
  6. Ryan and Lock. Ryan is your stable, assured, guarantee who you set and forget for 90% of the season. Lock is your high upside gamble who could breakout in a big way, but should still be fine to cover the 10% of games you won't start Ryan in, even if he doesn't improve much.
  7. Hard to predict him having a particularly strong first season given the quality of the division he plays in right now.
  8. I'm just gonna let him go with it man. Doesn't seem worth debating. He may finish as a WR3 but in no way is that his ceiling. Just the 'at best' part seemed silly.
  9. Boyd's QB just went from Dalton and Finley to Burrow. I'm struggling to see the negative of this, even factoring in Higgins.
  10. I'd do it, but Snead isn't a lottery ticket. He's a bingo card in an old folks home where the prizes are stuffed animals and glittery note books.
  11. I don't think this guy will go lower than round 4 in any draft I do. Everyone wants that cut price Lamar. How about a potential cut price Lamar with serious weaponry as well?
  12. Even if one of his legs falls off, I'd not bet against him getting it done with one. That guy can hop through tackles.