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  1. Traded for him in Dynasty middle of last season. I think long term he's going to be a Hopkins level player. Career stats thus far are comparable. Guy just looks the business to me. Kuechly retiring can only help their D get worse which is always good for receivers.
  2. I now own this.
  3. Us UK people just fall back into the football that involves using your actual feet, which you American's have charmingly renamed 'soccer'. Mostly this though. It ain't much different round the world. People's is people.
  4. Takes the rushing title next year. Lock it up.
  5. Mixon talent is elite. Situation cannot be worse than it was this season and he still performed fairly well stats wise. Guy pretty much matched his ADP having had a woeful start to the year.
  6. Gloating. Really not a good colour on anyone. Probably best to maintain a quiet dignity going forward and not bore everyone with your masturbatory fantasy narcissism.
  7. This is my biggest headache this week I think. No idea what to do with him.
  8. I'm concerned and looking at alternatives. He's a hero and if he had a clean bill of health it wouldn't even be a consideration, but I've got really good options this week with fewer question marks. Think you have to play it based on that, do you have a better option? If so, might be the week to go with the surer thing rather than the gamble on a beat up guy. Saying that, come game time I'll probably not have the balls to not play him. Because I want to win with him in my lineup.
  9. Need that Mattison out confirmation as well and then I'm in
  10. Yeah they been wicked, but not Pats level. Next year though, we could be that. I believe.
  11. No, the quality of their defensive players, many of whom were injured for large portions of last year, as well as the word coming out of camp about their change in direction as a much more defensive minded team, and their performance as a collective in the Superbowl last year against a truly brilliant offense were their reasons. Dunno if you noticed but all those things you mentioned are relating to the offense.
  12. Hey, it wasn't me predicting it, and they were hardly likely to tell me their thoughts pre draft, but post draft discussions involved them sharing their theory on the Pats, and they certainly delivered to expectation. Neither of them know each other either so was just pointing out that it is possible to make predictions on these things sometimes. I mean, people must be looking at Pittsburgh next year. With Ben back and a healthy offense that can keep the D off the field longer, as well as putting them comfortably ahead so the opposition take more risks, and the rookies and new acquisitions having more time to gel. They could be the one next year.
  13. The epicness of the Pats D wasn't that much of a surprise was it? In the Superbowl last year they shut a side out who had averaged 30+ points in every game, they got stronger in the off season and guys who had been out the previous season got healthy. Couple of people I know, and who I'm playing against in finals this week, were all in on them from start of camp.
  14. Looked to me like the Texans went all in on stopping the run. And we were a little unlucky he couldn't punch in the td. Happens though. Gamescript wasn't great either. He still threatened to break off a couple of big ones. Keep the faith, if you survived the down week.