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  1. He just got given potentially one of the best pass catching rb's in the league. You can make the argument its a bump in value
  2. I think it's quite safe to work off the premise that it's not going to be all that good.
  3. Zimmer is Belichick level vague on stuff like this. Always has been.
  4. He's outscored both of them! You must be delighted.
  5. He probably knows a lot more of the playbook.
  6. Gaskin is more of a pass catching back dude. It's fairly likely he'll actually be more valuable in a negative, catchup gamescript.
  7. He's at the very bottom of my bench now. Chase Edmonds above him for me now for example. Does depend on waiver/team/position depth of course. But with BYE weeks imminent, he's cuttable.
  8. After the BYE in week 8, he will be the starting RB for the Cardinals. Between now and that week 9 rise to dominance, he will be increasingly more involved. Don't drop him now.
  9. They haven't paid CMC record breaking millions to share a backfield with Mike bloody Davis.
  10. So they can draft another QB and waste them? Those crazy Jets eh.
  11. I wish I'd listened to him now. I started him everywhere over guys like Henry and Kamara, as I'm sure everyone else did 🤔
  12. To that guys roster, Freeman may well be worth the gamble. Lots of people saying he's finished and the Giants are rubbish and we should leave Freeman alone cos he ain't worth it. Some people's rosters have been absolutely decimated the last 2 weeks.