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  1. Bears. Their defense is real good and Goff isn’t scared to turn that thing over
  2. Pretty close. I’m huge on AJB but idk.. I’d probably rather have Sanders abd that’s the big one for me. I’d hold
  3. They’ll both guarantee you 3. If probabky go with Woods if I need 3. Better (?) QB and easier individual matchup
  4. Mmmmmmmmmm yes. Maybe. I guess. Maybe. Yes. I guess. Yes. I think so. As a Julio owner I wouldn’t trade him for Zeke. I think in it’ll be a struggle ROS abd you need the WR more. I guess so tho. Try to claim a RB with upside lime Coleman coming off IR maybe
  5. Allen could get benched too. He hasn’t blown the socks off of anyone. I don’t think they bench Lock, KC is a sneaky pass D
  6. So both had decent games. I like that I read this post cause it’s a lesson... just cause Herbert had the better hand in hindsight does that mean you did the right thing? No. You made the wrong move... but sometimes you gotta lol. Sometimes you gotta make the gutsy calls when you’re feeling them. Good job!
  7. Lock for sure. No reason really I just like Lock more as a QB WAS unfortunately DONT get to **** on the Cowgirls every week
  8. I’m out on AB but for Chark? Sign me up. Chark doesn’t have a top 20 ceiling. AB has a top 5 ceiling tho. Will he reach it? Probably not but still. I’d much rather have AB. I don’t think he will be an issue in that locker room at all honestly. He went 2 years unemployed. I think he learned his lesson. Giving him too much credit? Likely. But still, I’d take his upside. If anything his trade value is higher than Chark’s
  9. Monty has the higher floor. It depends. If you’re down 10 and your opponent has no one left is go Monty. If you’re up 5 and your opponent has Lockett I’d go Draje. I think Drake has the better matchup and upside bug his floor is 5 points. Monty’s floor is 10 slow, boring, dreadful, painful points
  10. Deal 2 for me too and I likd Mahones more. In 2 of my leagues it’s seems the owners are out on Pat. Might be able to get him for a little cheaper. I wouldn’t give up A Rob and Gordon but AB I’m cool with. You might be able to get him to throw in another player too
  11. Non PPR? Lockett fit me. It’s kind of close really but I like Lockett just a little more. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Russ goes for 50 TDs. Can Lockett catch 15 of em? Yes. He has higher upside than Godwin in my eyes
  12. Depends who you xan add really. If you can get a guy like Coleman coming back yeah do it for sure. Just depends. Not very high on him
  13. I’d go Moore too and drop Hasty. I’d do that even if Hop can go really
  14. I wouldn’t do tgis. I’m not a handcuff guy tho. McKinnon did awful NYG they lost another RB and maybe Deebo too. I’d hold for now