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  1. Interested. I've never played FF on Yahoo, so am not gold. Been playing on ESPN for over 10 years. c.hines0180@yahoo.com
  2. No Chiefs player, I REPEAT... NO CHIEFS PLAYER... Will assault another human being. EDIT: During the 2019-2020 season.
  3. I traded Dalvin Cook, Miles Sanders, 2020 1st round rookie pick (16 team league) for Alvin. Not mad about it. I would have rather kept Golladay. Thanks, guys.
  4. Even if Devontae sucks... Him AND Edelman for Chris Thompson??? CHRIS THOMPSON?!?!
  5. I have Cook currently. It's a 16 team league, pretty deep. I've drafted OBJ, Cook, Golladay, and Miles Sanders so far. I turned down Cook and Golladay. How much should I give up here in your opinion if I would seek Kamara?
  6. I'd take DJ. 27 but not many miles on those tires. Mobile QB. Air raid coach. I'm taking my chances there. I'm higher on Gurley than most people seem to be. He's really frickin good. But I'm going with DJ
  7. The final offer was Julio, Boyd, Engram, Picks for Hill, Jarvis, 2020 1st. I backed out and am working on a Julio-for-Melvin swap
  8. I wound up drafting David Montgomery with this pick, then traded Dev Freeman and Stafford for a 3rd this year (turned into Andy Isabella), 1st rookie pick next year, Aaron Rodgers, Kareem Hunt. Team is coming together now
  9. I have Julio. Dynasty league PPR. I want to get more than Hill, how much more do you think I could pull, considering a possible suspension and such
  10. Have y’all got GroupMe? I’ll invite first to answer. Let me know
  11. Have y’all got GroupMe? I’ll invite first to answer. Let me know
  12. Im a long time dynasty player interested in taking over Apex Predators if the team is still open.

    Im Dell and my email is dell4seo@yahoo.com 

  13. c.hines0180@yahoo.com. Real interested. Thanks!
  14. Team is pretty stacked. It's a free league. Must have GroupMe in order to play. The rookie draft will be a slow draft that will finish with no hiccups. Looking to fill it so we can start this draft. Drop emails if interested. http://fantasy.espn.com/football/team?leagueId=39834&teamId=10
  15. I share three leagues with one guy so it's possible LOL. I'll email you now, man. Thanks