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  1. Rip legend rip everybody else on board 🙏🏼
  2. I say asking about value compared to another player chill Karen
  3. Should we cut dieng expecting kat to play B2B set already ???
  4. Not all about ranking. His ft% and 3s hold his rank back. You’re an amateur if you only go by yahoo rankings in Nba fantasy
  5. Holding KAT which is the only reason I’m even consider holding
  6. Is this guy even worth holding anymore ? Been absolutely garbage last few games and it seems once kat isn’t sick he’ll be back any game now
  7. Winning a ton lately doubt they’ll change much
  8. Boylen the worst coach in the Nba change my mind
  9. What kind of guys would you trade for curry if you’re in a top spot already ? Risky trade but curry can ball out even in 20/25 mins a game if he comes back