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  1. With goff now I think I have 3 above average qbs definitely .. I just gotta build my depth up and I think I should be looking great? with my 2 2nd rounders i might try and get a bench player ??
  2. Ya that’s the problem I’m gonna have 3 qbs all around the same level so I’ll probably just play matchups all season and hope it works out
  3. Got goff and a 2nd for darnold and a 3rd this week as well just need DJ to work out or hope one of my handcuff RBs gets work from an injury basically I’m thinking
  4. Ended up trading darnold and a 3rd for goff and a 2nd to a team who loves the jets
  5. This one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever seen lol. Leveon sat a year out, went from a contender to a trash team for not the money he wanted melvin gordon got half of what the chargers offered him then he sat out and said he made a mistake and regretted it kamara is on a SB contender team with an aging QB sitting out would be the worst thing he could do
  6. Imo Mayfield is the guy I think that’ll step up and be a QB1 so I have a lot bet on him... just sucks gotta wait a while to see if I’m right.. Stafford was also qb6 until he got hurt last year but I don’t really trust him.... I would definitely like to trade for a qb1 that’s solidified but the price might be steep in this league because nobody really has qb depth
  7. Yup 2qb. The funny thing is my depth is actually on the high end of the league somehow... jk dobbins was my pick I really wanted qbs are the only thing I’m really worried about ... I think mayfield is ready for a bounce back year but I gotta hope Stafford stays healthy and darnold improves .. trubisky and love were just long shot hopes, nobody has over 3 starters though tbh
  8. Pass you need RB much more than QB not worth it at all
  9. 10 man standard ( 5 year league 3 keepers) really like my team... only thing I’m slightly concerned about is my QB depth but people reached for qbs so I got some steals at other spots ... thoughts on team/ what I need or stay put ?? qb: Baker qb: Stafford wr: Mike Evans wr: Kupp wr: arob rb: kamara rb: Derrick henry te: kittle Flex: David johnson Defense : bears kicker: Greg leg bench players: jk dobbins Mattison Darryton Evans ( Titans handcuff ) Ryquell armstead Damien harris josh kelley Tyler boyd Preston williams John brown sam darnold mitchell trubisky jordan love Dallas goedert
  10. Jets sign frank gore rip Leveon bell 😂😂
  11. I’d pass ... kupp is a stud and young with a great system and young qb id need a for sure stud back IMO that wouldnt even be close to my asking price
  12. Always win now and adjust later cheers brotha ... sucks I really want Chubb but I think Hunt is gonna steal a ton of carries so I’ll probably go mixon/Jacobs
  13. They’re starting it this week haha thoughts on going double RB mixon/ Jacobs?? No bell cows left in NFL might be good to grab 2 right away possibly ? Especially in standard scoring
  14. Imo you need another RB I’d ride the season out for a few weeks before making any moves though... see how Taylor’s role is with Indy then assess and adjust at that point
  15. Not sure if I’m crazy but I almost might even just grab mixon and Jacobs 9/12 there’s like 4-5 bell cow backs in the league at this point and it could be huge value to own 2 of them?? Then possibly just grab WR next 2-3 rounds with guys like Amari Cooper, Kupp, Diggs , TY Hilton ?