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  1. Nice farewell gift. Hope he keeps it up for you guys.
  2. Streamed him for sunday. He's listed as still on the 76ers and not playing on Yahoo. Anyone else having that problem? Could be season deciding as i'm trailing by 2 blocks in my quarter finals...
  3. Did this exact move today since it gave me the chance to stash Chriss on my IL for some games (activated Turner prematurely).
  4. Wouldn't this guy make a ton of sense on the Cavs or Warriors? Give Dallas a second rounder and call it a Day.
  5. FT regression incoming? So strange this season with all these former %-killers.
  6. Ben Simmons en fuego and him passing up decent shots for better ones. Nothing to worry about.
  7. One thing that crossed my mind recently: With him becoming a unrestricted free agent after they declined his option in the summer (showing they are not really interested in keeping him long term); are the Suns even interested in playing him big minutes or do they like him in his bench role to keep the interest of other teams low (to possibly keep him as a cheap bench player) ? How is his situation comparable to Okafor in Brooklyn?
  8. Right. But what's concerning is the volume he shoots when Embiid sits. My build can absorb 16-17 BobCov's shooting. But 25% on 20 shots is a different monster.
  9. He was getting minutes... He was a headache because he was as inconsistent as it gets. I would be surprised if that has changed.
  10. Yeah you caught me still high on endorphine :-D
  11. He just won me my matchup. Becoming a transcendend player in front of our eyes. Enjoy the ride fellas.
  12. Nope, they have Capela on a way cheaper contract. Would be an stupid move.
  13. My season so far: Millsap... Ok i can handle that. Today: Jokic, Collins, Turner. Oh i have no Centers anymore. An LaVine is chilling on my IR too. Guess i'll spend the next 2-3 weeks doing smth else.
  14. It's going to be a bumpy ride with him. Suns have the worst defense against PG's... heck even Lonzo went off against them.
  15. Gobert is nearing a return. Enjoy while it lasts.
  16. Maybe the first trade but i'm not sure if it is worth it. I'd say stick to your guns.
  17. Don't use your waiver on them. You will probably have better choices for it as the season progresses.
  18. Both of them probably have an expiration date as stated before. I have picked up both in allen punt points setting and am convinced that at least one of them can maintain value but Murray is probably the better choice.
  19. Which side would you choose? I'm punting points (10 Teamer in signature) and have Barnes+LaVine as trade stashes (picked them from Waivers). Thanks for your help drop aber link for response.
  20. Now add the 42.1% FT on 1.5 attempts (FT%V: -1.88) for Ball and hold them against the 78.3% on 2.6 att (FT%V: -0.19). That´s one category more in the punt territory. No hate, i love his game, but he puts you in a deep hole in Pts, FG and FT. That requires a very specific build to utilize him correctly.
  21. Just recognized ist posted in the wrong forum. Can an admin move this to AC please?
  22. Lonzo Ball Kris Dunn Spencer Dinwiddie Drop also link for some help.
  23. Ich would do Teague and Markkaanen for Capela to strengthen your big men.