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  1. Of you get bron for any combination of wiggins+graham, it's a steal.. Collins+Graham (+Wiggins if you need to) seems fair to me. WW always brings something
  2. Hi guys, I am back here asking for help. Another curious trade just happened, and being the commissioner I have to confirm it or veto it. The trade is: Drummond (+ Crowder, so no value) for Sabonis + Brooks What do you guys think? IMHO it is unbalanced, but so have turned also some other trades so far, or we've seen curious things that happened in the league with the waiver wire. I have to take a decision, 11 hours to go. Help is appreciated
  3. Kyrie for me, without many doubts
  4. As a Rubio owner, there is no way on earth I would trade him for Gordon. He is nr. 2 in the league in assists per game..
  5. Many thanks for the reply guys! I was really struggling to understand what to do. I decided to proceed with the trade. Then who knows, perhaps Gordon turns out to be the better side of the deal. For me, giving up Bledsoe for Gordon doesn't make much sense.. But neither it does taking Hachimura from the waiver wire while you got already 2 injured guys in your team + one on your IL...(happened wednesday.. boh?) TBH, the league is quite competitive instead. I play in it for the 7th year now, every year we decide to cut one or two managers who just aren't suited. Now all the 14 managers are quite active on the WW, trade ideas keep coming at you and it is quite fun. Has to be said, the team offering Gordon is managed by two guys who are playing with us for the first time this year. Perhaps it is also that people in different countries view the players in different ways (we have people from Italy, UK, Italy, France and Slovenia... ). Anyway, hope Bledsoe gets back on track now! 😈
  6. So Favors is injury prone and hayward not? 🤣 I think last season Favors played all games, straight, except the last 5-6...
  7. Hi, i just received a trade request, being offered Bledsoe for my Eric Gordon. I accepted. The offer comes from a team that has way too many PG (Paul, Westbrook, Rozier, White, Smart, Satoransky, Bledsoe, Hill). I am also the commissioner of the league. (No veto has been done this year, not even for Giannis vs. Trae or Horford+Kuzma vs. Thomas+Hart) Should I veto the trade or do I confirm it? Many thanks for your help
  8. Brick layer of the year... He is made 2 baskets out of 10 shots, free throws included... Lol
  9. long term he loses the starting job to bagley. but also, long term I am dead.
  10. I decided to move Capela. I am overly stacked on REB and BLK, and not really need even his FG. Any trade ideas? I need assists and steals, punting TOV... If I get a solid 3pt shooter, I'm alive in that category, maybe.. Might decide to completely punt also 3pts, but that would mean moving instead Gallinari and Osman, which are not valued that much right now. (not the team in signature, but: Simmons, Embiid, Bledsoe, Capela, Vucevic, JJJ, Doncic, Isaac, Lavert, Gallinari, Gay, DannyGreen, Osman)
  11. check the comments about JJJ and Bjelica. They have similar numbers. For JJJ it is: incredible player For Bjelica: barely rosterable in 12 teamers ...
  12. Why? Just because i pointed out that americans get more attention and recognition than europeans?
  13. aaaaand he just managed to hold down Wall in a 1vs1 situation, coming out with a block on him. bro, I understand you don't like him because he isn't american and he is not a young fella, but currently he is one of the most complete players on the Kings' roster, defense included. if this guy was a rookie, people would put him in the ROTY contention at the moment. there are many talented guys who don't get the chances they deserve, maybe Bjelica just found his chance in the NBA