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  1. If its playoffs, split the pot evenly with remianing teams. If its still reg season, split the pot with those locked in for playoffs and run a random number generator for those on the bubble OR they can decide to split the remaining 1 or 2 spots between all bubble boys. Paying out refunds to those at the bottom of the ranks is bs.
  2. Thanks. I needed another perspective. I just didnt want to hold and be eliminated, but i suppose letting him get snapped up by someone in a strong position could hurt me next week if i makeit through anyways. Fred also plays 4 times next week which is really valuable
  3. Anyone dropping him for this week of playoffs? It'll kill me to do it but he may only play a single game..
  4. Beasley is so solid. They really gave Gary the bag over and let him slide lol
  5. You have to hold. If Love receives anymore achilles soreness he probably will get shutdown or court time minimised at least. Its not like Nance isnt producing for now, his lines are still handy.
  6. Actually contemplating dropping no.1 waiver on him.........
  7. Another 4 games actually starting at C
  8. Outside of Dlo and Towns they have no legit scorers. Beasley will eat. I almost guarantee they'll stagger him and Dlo a little so he gets his bread too. Enjoy the ride fellas!
  9. Cant see JJ being relevant at his age but i guess we'll see
  10. How about people name their top 5 pick ups in order from this deadline day?
  11. Everyone stfu arguing over bums. Lets dicuss real ish!!
  12. Rocos eatin. Minny was cancer and Houston are fast paced, spacing flamethrowers. Thy lord will be run into the ground, but not before blessing us with an unholy amount of stocks. Buckle up kents!
  13. So 15/6/3 with a triple 1 isn't out of the ordinary ros then? Ill take that if the minutes stay where they are
  14. Seeing as they have nothing to play for, wouldn't it be wise from a coaching standpoint to designate more shots to 1st and 2nd year guys/guys they want to keep long term? There couldbe a shift moving forward. I dont want to see graham and rozier chucking ros. Whats the point.
  15. Malone an idiot if he plays Milsap over him when he returns. Grant and Jokic carrying this team