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  1. Idk man, who would've thought Graham would get looks when we all thought Rozier, Bridges and Bacon were going to be the main chuckers. The 3rd main offense guy hasn't really been established at GS. He has an opportunity to get double digit looks for sure
  2. Funny how we expect waiver wire pick ups to crush every game but let drafted guys slide when they put up duds. Keep this **** in mind if you were the same mf that dropped Graham, Huerter, Holmes etc early in the season
  3. Funny how everyone's big mad at KAT while it's really the TWolves that are playing with everyone's emotions. It's really all their fault. If they come out at the start and say 4-6 weeks, no worries.
  4. Kyrie owners are scarred and scared. Many will want off this boat before another flare up happens and look for more stable players to replace him even if it means taking a value hit. 3 days ago i wouldve snapped at the chance to have ANY of those players mentioned, and I consider myself competent as someone sitting 1st in all 4 of my money leagues atm
  5. Yeah you aint getting anything close to a 1st or 2nd rounder back. I feel like Shai, Morant, FVV type owners may bite but the Jrue, Kemba, Beal owners wont budge (in a non taco league that is)
  6. Wtf did i say?? And why am i swearing so much lol. Emotions running high i guess. I'm pumped !
  7. It's because hes not a shiny new toy. Hes been owned and dropped, that's probably why. There's less mystery.
  8. Napiers value will plummet when KAT is back. Easy drop
  9. Say goodbye to your left nut then. Gotta develop the 30yo journeyman Kieff don't they? Lol
  10. If Saunders reduces his minutes when Towns n co. are back then hes a fn idiot
  11. When Drummond goes is when the actual feasting will begin. Imagine him with 7-8 reb a game and about 3 or 4 more shots hnnnnnng. Be patient my pretties
  12. Why would he take part in full contact practice if hes still experiencing pain? He wouldn't, right? This mf is playing within the next week or so. Book it tf in.
  13. Noobs will drop after 1 bad foul troubled game
  14. So far 8 stocks over the last 4 starts. Dont talk to me about College stats this that 🤫 Doum eatin 🍝🍝🍝 Doumbayaaa ma lord! DOUMBAYAAAA!