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  1. So after a few injuries notably Saquon. I am stuck with this team QB: Russell Wilson RB: Fournette, Gore, McKinnon, Akers, White WR: OBJ, Golladay, AJ Green, Valdez-Scantling TE: Higsbee D/ST: Colts K: Jake Elliott who do I trade at this point? I know my RBs suck lol. I just flipped Watkins for Fournette for some needed help. Currently 1-2 in a 12 team league
  2. You’re loaded at PG. I’d flip one of yours for a better SG. Which Gasol do you have?
  3. Should I do this trade? In a 12 team 9 category league and dominating in first place Stephen Curry/Isaiah Thomas/Tyler Johnson/Rozier Evan Fournier/Yogi Ferrell Otto Porter Jr Whiteside/Nurkic/Blake Griffin/Chriss/Olynk
  4. 12 team 9 category league (fg%, ft%, pts, rebs, assist, steals, blocks, turnovers, 3PM) PG: Stephen Curry, Isaiah Thomas, Tyler Johnson, Fultz SG: Evan Fournier, SF: Otto Porter JR, Marvin Williams, Bogdonavic PF: Blake Griffin, Chriss C: Whiteside, Nurkic
  5. Helll no and hellll no to Montgomery as well. Dez is not the same superstar he once was
  6. Pretty even trade. I feel like Michae Thomas would do better later in the year than Demaryius. Elliot for Gordon is even. Crowder is just a throwin. Tough call
  7. You win easily. Odell just needs some time to get into the groove of things. I’m not high on Allen. He gets injured EVERY year
  8. Currently at 1-1 in a 12 team standard league nonppr QB: Matt Ryan RB: CJA, LAMAR, JSTEW, FORTE, CJ2K WR: EVANS, HILTON, BALDWIN, JJ NELSON, AMENDOLA TE: COOK K: BRYANT DEF: KC i def need an upgrade at TE and probably need a better reliable RB2 and WR2. I’m not sure who to trade away for. Helpppp
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