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  1. Still starting him. Got me 34 last week, won me my game, Robiskie says more touches, Mularkey says he's the 4th quarter guy and Murray is gimpy.
  2. Lol, Cousins was running for his life the whole game but you're right that was a bs call. The Eagles physically dominated that game, however.
  3. Eagles came in and spanked the Redskins in week one.
  4. Homie has been riding the pine since week 3 for me. I'm starting him this week because I think he has a huge game. Revenge game, Eagles secondary. I think they take some shots down field with him.
  5. If the new plan is to give him 15 to 20 rushes per game, he's a least an RB2 with or without Murray. They guy is a home run hitter, pure and simple.
  6. DH won me my game last. Robiskie said they were going to get him more involved so I'm not too surprised.
  7. Anything is better than Ebron. I'll take a chance on him.
  8. Starting him this week since Julio and Pryor are on byes. T for Temple U
  9. I have Jameis, Cutler (back up), DeSean and DeVante Parker on my team. Guess I'll need to pick up a QB. Eat a dick Irma!